Marionette Tony Hsieh on display at the Zappos HQ


It’s not exactly a statue. but Tony Hsieh is honored with a figurine in downtown Las Vegas.

Puppeteer Scotland has created a spooky puppet of Hsieh to be displayed at the Zappos headquarters on Stewart Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard (the former City Hall building).

Land’s latest creation premiered Thursday night at Zappos’ Tony Hsieh Theater with Hsieh’s family and the actor David Arquette ready for unveiling. It will be on public display in the middle of the week.

“It’s going to be a working puppet and then a display piece for Zappos,” says Land. “We think this is a very appropriate, heartfelt way of commemorating him.”

The doll will likely be outside, along with other characters that Land has created at Zappos Central. This includes a pair of dolls inspired by Zappos employees.

Land had appeared in the theater with Arquette on August 30 when Arquette portrayed Bozo the Clown (he holds the Bozo trademark license) and Land worked as Scott Land the Puppet Man. This was in a private show for Zappos employees.

Land previously worked at Arquette’s Bootsy Bellows club in Hollywood, which has been presenting Land’s puppets to celebrities on the dance floor for 11 years.

Land’s work came as a surprise to Hsieh’s family members, who had not known he would be recognized in such a distinctive way. The downtown Las Vegas visionary and founder of the Downtown Project died in November 2020 from complications caused by a house fire in Connecticut.

Land is famous among puppeteers for designing all of the puppets in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s 2004 comedy Team America: World Police. Land’s work is in every scene in the film.

Montag also presented Scott Land David Copperfield with a “Team America” ​​exhibit for Copperfield’s 66th birthday, which was Friday.

Land and his wife Lisa run Team Land Productions in Las Vegas. The Lands are a creative team on many projects. Lisa painted the Hsieh figurine, which took two weeks to make. Normally such a puppet would last three months, but this one was rushed after Arquette and Land performed at the theater together in August.

If paying tribute to an icon seems odd, understand that Hsieh was known for his unorthodox taste and quirky sense of humor. Showing this little figure is totally appropriate. “The family was really touched by it,” Land said. “The doll made his mother (Judy Hsieh) Scream. She was very emotional. I think we all were.”

“AGT” – Vegas update

The Mayyas, the all-female dance team backed by the Lebanese government is en route to Luxor for America’s Got Talent Live after winning the 17th season of the NBC show last week. The challenge will be to get as many, if not all, of the cast members to perform in Las Vegas. The team won “Arabs Got Talent” in 2019 (this is the first I know of from this show) and blew the “AGT” judges away.

As Simon Cowell said after the team’s performance in the semifinals: “Every single one of us in this room, I promise you, will remember this moment. It’s not only going to change your life, and it’s going to sound very dramatic, it’s a world-changing performance. It was as good as it gets… respect.” Sofia Vergaras Golden Buzzer helped accelerate the dance company to the title.

runner up Kristy Sellars, whose wild, multimedia pole dance delighted the jury and the television audience, is also a natural for the Vegas show. Details on who will join Luxor production for Season 17 and when will be announced at a later date.

Vegas was also represented by “Fantasy” in the Luxor Star in the “AGT” closing week Lorena perilthe fabulous singer Daniel Emmett (a former “AGT” finalist) and Season 2 Champion terry cloth factor.

Peril and Emmet appeared on behalf of the artificial intelligence company Metaphysic. The crossover technology made it appear as if Cowell and Heidi Klum were backing vocals, live and on stage, for Elvis on You’re The Devil In Disguise. (Look for it online, it’s pretty awesome.)

Fator performed with other ventriloquist stars Darcy Lynne and Celia Munoz for “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Bill for Johnny

Remember johnny Fridaythe Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns Drummer who returned to the stage after suffering a heart attack last month? Friday filed his medical bills for emergency quadruple bypass surgery: $740,000. This applies to “most” invoices. Fortunately, Freitag is covered by his wife Marys Health insurance through the commercial and industrial supplier Grainger. So he paid about $4,000 out of pocket. The man is lucky. Catch the band as always on Mondays at 7:30pm in The Copa Room at Bootlegger Bistro.

Cool Hang Alert

Are you ready for some football? We ask musically. The Illuminarium at Area15 debuted its Monday night football experience. The game is projected around the venue giving you the feeling of being in the middle of the action (just don’t dismiss anyone, OK). The evening features snacks and drinks from the adjacent Lumin Café & Kitchen’s late-night menu. Doors open 30 minutes before kick-off. Afterwards, guests can remain at the Space After Dark venue for the Illuminarium After Dark, the adults-only party. For the full schedule, visit

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