Marvel is reportedly in talks with Courteney Cox to join the cast of Wonder Man


Courteney Cox may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the actor currently in talks with Marvel Studios about a role in Disney+’s Wonder Man.

scream 6 Star Courteney Cox is wanted for a role in Marvel Studios miracle man.

According to a rumor shared by Scooper DanielRPK, Marvel has reportedly met with Cox to discuss her joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an undisclosed role in the upcoming Disney+ series miracle man. Cox is a veteran acting, particularly in the television industry where she has been part of several hit sitcoms including family ties and Cougar Town. However, she is perhaps still best known for her starring role as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom friendswhich aired from 1994 to 2004.

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who has already delved into the superhero genre Aquaman (2018) will play Simon Williams/Wonder Man in the upcoming MCU series, an actor and son of a wealthy industrialist who was imbued with ionic energy that bestowed him with various superpowers including super strength, invulnerability, electromagnetic manipulation, and escape, among others. Since Simon Williams is an actor, miracle man has been rumored to be a satirical view of Hollywood and the film industry, with Sir Ben Kingsley also set to reprise his MCU role as thespian Trevor Slattery in the upcoming series.

Courteney Cox is ready to scream

Before fans possibly see her in the MCU, Cox will return to the big screen in 2023 as journalist Gale Weathers in the film’s latest installment Scream Franchise. The upcoming scream 6 – which still lacks an official title – will follow the four survivors from 2022 Scream As they leave Woodsboro to start a new chapter in New York, little do they know there’s a stronger Ghostface waiting for them in the Big Apple. With the release of scream 6Cox will be the only actor, alongside Ghostface voice actor Roger L. Jackson, to have starred in every installment of the meta-slasher film series.

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Similar to Cox, an actor who has not yet been confirmed miracle man but is reportedly being courted by Marvel Studios Better call Saulis Bob Odenkirk. While the “special role” Marvel wants him to be isn’t revealed, several fans have theorized that he could play Neal Saroyan, Simon Williams’ metahuman agent.

Andrew Guest, best known for his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and communityHe serves as the head writer for the Disney+ series along with the former Brooklyn Nine-Nine Writers Madeline Walter and Paul Bradford Welsh are also reportedly on board. It is currently not known when miracle man Production will begin, and the series will be filmed under the working title “Callback,” another nod to the acting industry.

miracle man Premiered on Disney+.

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