Masters of the Universe Figures pay tribute to Dolph Lundgren’s 1987 film


New Masters of the Universe characters based on the critically-anticipated 1987 live-action film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella are coming soon.

Mattel has revealed that the latest numbers in its Masters of the Universe Masterverse line are based on the 1987 live action he man Movie.

Revealed on the masters of the universe Twitter account, the characters reveal the film’s gross similarities to He-Man and Skeletor, played by Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, respectively. While release dates are yet to be announced, the figures will come with weapon accessories – including He-Man’s Power Sword and Skeletor’s Havoc Staff – and packaging inspired by the film.

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These are not the first numbers to be released based on the masters of the universe Movie. Super7 released their own versions for the company’s Masters of the Universe classic line in 2020, but this latest batch marks the first time that Mattel – the creators of the masters of the universe line – plasticized He-Man and Skeletor as they appeared on the big screen.

Was the movie Masters Of The Universe good?

masters of the universe – Occasionally known as Masters of the Universe: The Movie – Directed by Gary Goddard. Aside from Lundgren’s He-Man and Langella’s Skeletor, the film starred a number of other characters from Mattel’s lineup, including Christina Pickles as the Sorceress, Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn, Chelsea Field as Teela, and Jon Cypher as Man-At-Arms.

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Lean heavily into the sci-fi aspects of the masters of the universe Franchise while adding a shot war of stars, the film featured He-Man and his comrades traveling from Eternia to Earth after activating a cosmic key that could open portals between universes. There, they befriend two teenagers – played by Courteney Cox and Robert Duncan McNeill – and battle the forces of Skeletor and his cronies.

The film was both a critical and commercial failure. However, in interviews since its release, Langella has named Skeletor as one of his favorite roles, clarifying that he took on the role primarily because his son was a huge He-Man fan.

Comics writer and artist John Bryne also responded positively to the film, writing in issue #497 of News from the comic shop the masters of the universe bore a strong resemblance to Jack Kirby’s New Gods, with Langella’s Skeletor being a few steps from Darkseid. Goddard later acknowledged Kirby’s influence, later writing, “The storyline was heavily inspired by the classic Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom epics, the New Gods, and a bit of Thor thrown in here and there.”


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