Matt LeBlanc is taking time off and won’t be joining Friends castmates in their new projects |


Matt LeBlanc is taking “time off” from work.

The 55-year-old actor – who also starred as Adam Burns on the sitcom Man With A Plan from 2016 to 2020 and also hosted Top Gear during that time until 2019 – has ruled out a reunion with his ex’ Friends ‘ is currently playing co-stars on her various projects.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, he said: “I’m taking some time off right now.

“I just enjoy not having to do anything – it was kind of nice. Sorry I’ll let you know when I do.”

Jennifer Anniston is currently on The Morning Show, while Lisa Kudrow is on Space Force and Courteney Cox has been on The Shining Vale.

Matt is best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the iconic sitcom, but he previously revealed he doesn’t want to reprise the role as he feels too old for it.

He said, “I don’t think anyone would want to see Joey at their colonoscopy!”

Matt can understand why fans of the series, which aired from 1994 to 2004, are desperate for a return, but he feels the humor belongs to a specific time in the characters’ lives.

He shared, “I understand people really want to see this reunion. But this show was about a limited time in the lives of these six characters, between 20 and 30.”

Meanwhile, Marta Kauffman, who created the show alongside longtime friend David Crane, admitted that Matt played dumb “so well” that it became part of his struggling actor character, who wasn’t originally meant to be “dumb.”

She explained, “We didn’t originally want Joey to be dumb, but Matt LeBlanc played dumb so well that it became part of the character. This is true when an actor is just starting out or has been at it forever.”


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