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2019, two years later Mira Sorvino helped inspire the #MeToo movement Ryan Murphy Cast the actor in her most prominent project in two decades. Netflix Hollywood featured the Oscar winner as an actor whose career stalled after a relationship with a studio boss. She is rescued from B-movie hell in a poignant scene when Patti LuPone‘s and Holland Taylor‘s characters suddenly offer her the chance to work—Yes, really work again – in a dramatic role that she can bite into.

One morning on a weekday, Sorvino describes the scene because I asked how it feels to get convincing roles again afterwards Harvey Weinstein froze her studio career in retaliation for rejecting his advances. In FX’s Impeachment: American Criminal History, Sorvino is playing Monica Lewinskyhis mother, Marcia Lewis-a protective force in the eye of the title scandal. Sorvino will also appear in an upcoming series of. return to comedy Sharon Horgan, with Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear as a singing, dancing, stereotypically beating ghost.

Sorvino says she feels just like her Hollywood Character did.

Sorvino as Jeanne Crandall on Netflix Hollywood.By Saeed Adyani / Netflix.

“I cry tears of gratitude that someone is so generous and so generous. When you see the scene, you know that I use my insides for this, ”says Sorvino and begins to cry myself. “It’s a really strong scene because it captures the gratitude and magnanimity of the people who choose to believe survivors and give them a second chance in business. It’s a cold business. “

As someone who has been forcibly evicted from his inner circle, Sorvino knows this better than anyone. “It’s almost like you’re in the Colosseum and the emperor is thumbs up or thumbs down and the crowd joins in and they move on. And the body is pulled out. This is not a warm, caring community. It’s an ever-changing community … where people’s heads are always on the chopping block. The idea that people took the chance to get me back on track and believe in me and see something in me, I can’t tell how much that means. “

Sorvino with her Oscar after winning Best Supporting Actress for Mighty Aphrodite in 1996.

By Jeff Haynes / AFP / Getty Images.

In real life, Sorvino was blacklisted by Hollywood studio films for two decades – despite an Oscar win, three Golden Globe nominations, and a win and an Emmy nomination. During those 20 years Sorvino had four “beautiful” children with actors Christopher Backus, inclined to be activist (she is the United Nations goodwill ambassador and has partnered with Equal Rights Advocates, among others, to fight women’s labor issues) and accepted what she thought was her professional fate: “I think it was just not for it being thought…. It was heartbreaking for me and it definitely felt personally like I wasn’t good enough. “

In recent years, she has been forced to take on less desirable projects to support her family, including a role unthinkable for other Oscar winners: a guest role in another Lifetime movie. “I wasn’t ashamed of it for speaking about domestic violence as a judge,” says Sorvino, a Harvard graduate who spent our phone calls looking for silver linings.

Sorvino didn’t expect the impact her decision to speak out on Weinstein would have. In Ronan Farrow‘S New Yorker Article published in October 2017, she was one of the first Hollywood stars to go on record with allegations against the manager – he said he made unwanted physical contact with her in a hotel room at the 1995 Toronto Film Festival and was later shown in the middle of the street Night uninvited in her apartment. (Weinstein, currently serving a prison sentence after being convicted of rape and a criminal sexual act, has dismissed all charges of sexual misconduct.)

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