Moments where Karen & Gizelle showed the potential to become good friends


There were moments at RHOP where Karen and Gizelle showed that they could possibly be good friends one day. Fans enjoy watching them get along.

Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant dating The real housewives of the Potomac have, to put it mildly, a dysfunctional friendship, but there are some signs that this may be changing. Throughout the show, fans watched as the two kept poking each other. Sometimes that’s funny and silly. At other times it cuts a little deeper. However, there was always evidence that they could form a potentially strong friendship.

in the The real housewives of the Potomac Season 1, Karen mentioned in a confessional that she felt a certain responsibility towards Gizelle, saying: “if she doesn’t know any better, teach her otherwise.” So from the start, it seemed like there was an existing dynamic that Karen valued more than Gizelle. The two women have also known each other longer than most of the cast, so there’s a lot of history there. Also, they both said they were closer before RHOP started, so the show might be to blame for how things turned out.


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As much as there has been constant tension and little explosions between Karen and Gizelle, there have been signs of the strong foundation that brought the two together in the first place. Fans enjoy watching them fight because the arguments are often so petty. Equally gratifying, however, are the rare moments when glimmers of hope appear.

The pantomime at drinks

Karen and Gizelle play RHOP

In Season 3, Karen and Gizelle got together over drinks to discuss recent drama between them and things got heated. As Karen began presenting her side of the argument, a pantomime appeared, sent by Monique Samuels to deliver the women an invitation to go to Cannes, France. Although the purpose of this meeting was to settle an argument, viewers could see that the pantomime triggered a brief moment in which Karen and Gizelle were able to get close over a bizarre situation. Gizelle actually burst out laughing despite the serious tone of the discussion.

Teach Karen a lesson

Karen Huger argues with another castmate on an episode of RHOP

In the back of a van in Season 6, when Ashley Darby and Gizelle returned from a dinner party, Karen taught Karen a lesson about intimate language. Fans loved seeing this rare moment as Karen was relaxed and enjoying herself alongside Gizelle. Laughter ensued as Ashley and Gizelle tried to get Karen to fill in the blanks as she described to her what “Teabag” was.

Gizelle cries at the reunion

Gizelle cries at the RHOP reunion

After a relatively drama-free season between Gizelle and Karen, it was clear the two had seen the potential of their friendship when they reunited in Season 6. When Andy pointed out how much fun it was seeing them get along, Gizelle got emotional. She described how Karen treated her children with respect when she came to her house. This, in turn, made Karen emotional and it was perhaps the couple’s biggest glimmer of hope yet. Viewers are excited to see if this positive energy will last and continue into the future The real housewives of the Potomac Season.

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