Morning Show fans angered by Jennifer Aniston’s Emmy ‘snub’


With the 2022 Emmy Awards nominations announced today (July 12). The morning show Fans are upset about Jennifer Aniston’s absence from the nominee list.

While the actress – who stars as TV host Alex Levy in the Apple TV+ drama about the troubled inner workings of a news production company – didn’t deserve a nod, three of her series co-stars did.

Reese Witherspoon received a Lead Actress in a Drama Series nomination, while Billy Crudup received a Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nomination and Marcia Gay Harden received a Guest Actress in a Drama Series nomination.

In response to the news on Twitter, fans have expressed their shock and disappointment at Aniston’s exclusion from the upcoming 74th Emmy Awards.

“Jennifer Aniston should have been nominated to wear the entire second season of The morning show alone on their shoulders,” argued one fan.

Another commented: “Jennifer Aniston doesn’t get a name for The morning show is damn silly.”

“Jennifer Aniston poured blood, sweat and tears into the performance The morning showhow?” asked a third.

One even called for “Justice for Jennifer Aniston”.

Jennifer Aniston Emmy’s Twitter Reactions


“Okay, but Jennifer Aniston is here The morning show Season 2, are we serious? That was a heartbreaking performance, where’s your nomination?” someone questioned.

Entertainment journalist Danielle Turchiano listed Aniston as one of her “Emmy snubs,” adding, “Especially since Reese scored a nom, no offense to Reese.”

“Really I loved Reese’s performance but I would say Jennifer Aniston deserved this nomination a lot more,” one fan tweeted. “The girl gave everything she had in the Covid episode. She put her whole body and soul into the character, it was excruciating to watch.”

Check out the full list of 2022 Emmy nominations here and follow us that of the independent live blog here.


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