Most fans misunderstand this 1 fact about Ross and Rachel


The TV show friends has delighted viewers for years, with fans campaigning for two of the main characters, Ross Gellar and Rachel Green, to come together.

But even the most avid fans could have that one detail about Ross and Rachel’s relationship wrong. Do you know when Ross and Rachel had their first kiss? Most fans of the show think they know the answer, but the truth might surprise you!

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Most friends Fans think Ross and Rachel first kissed in Central Perk

Who could forget the iconic moment in season 2 episode 7 when Ross and Rachel share a passionate kiss in Central Perk?

By this point in the couple’s history, Rachel and Ross had battled their feelings for each other. If one of them was available, the other was always in a relationship. In this episode, Ross was with Julie while Rachel longed for him.

Rachel made a date to get away from Ross, but got drunk and instead left a long message on his answering machine. Ross heard the news before Rachel and discovered her feelings for him. Julie was waiting for him, so he left Rachel without responding to the message.

Later that night, Rachel was closing Central Perk when Ross came to confront her for revealing her crush while he was in a relationship with someone else. The two argued over who should have shared their feelings first, and Ross stormed out angrily.

But Ross immediately returned to the empty cafe, and when it rained outside, he and Rachel kissed a hot, intense kiss.

Ross and Rachel’s first kiss wasn’t romantic

While the season two kiss in Central Perk was sensual and sweet, Ross and Rachel’s first kiss wasn’t nearly as romantic.

The couple’s real first kiss was in season 1, episode 5. Instead of being in a closed coffee shop during a rain shower, it was in a public laundromat.

Ross had a crush on Rachel, who at the time had no idea how he was feeling. She had to learn to do laundry for the first time in her life, so he pretended that there were rats in the laundry room of his building so he could help her.

When a rude woman stole the machine Rachel was about to use, Ross stood up for her because Rachel was too insecure to confront the woman. But when the same woman tried to take Rachel’s laundry cart later in the episode, Rachel found the courage to stand up for herself.

Enthusiastic about her newfound assertiveness and independence, Rachel grabbed Ross by the collar and pulled him to her for a kiss. Both wiped off the quick, surprise kiss as a casual thank you for their help.

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Even Jennifer Aniston was puzzled by Ross and Rachel’s first kiss

The stars of friends got together for an unrolled reunion that HBO Max released in May 2021. Cast Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), David Schwimmer (Ross Geller), Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), Matt Le Blanc (Joey Tribbiani.)) And Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) discussed their favorite moments the show.

Aniston mentioned how special the Central Perk scene was because it was Ross and Rachel’s first kiss. Obviously, like so many fans, she forgot the quick kiss in the laundromat.

So if you’re one of those fans who mistook the Central Perk moment for Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, don’t feel bad – even the actor who played Rachel Green didn’t know!

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