MTStreets releases new single “Just Friends” as prelude to EP out June 12th


Dua Lipa and her team encouraged me to open my music to vulnerabilities in my life. This is a scary place to write. I feel naked in a world dressed in parkas. But it’s also awesome. Music is about how it makes us feel. When I write about raw and real situations, I’m more likely to touch hearts,” MTStreets said. Dua Lipa and MTStreets had a chance to work together in joint sessions Denver sponsored by Sony Music. “I was invited to participate as a pop producer and had career-changing interactions with artists, producers and people in the music industry.”

The new single combines serious lyrical themes with heartfelt melodies to tell an emotionally charged story. The song lands firmly in the pop lane and has a hip hop beat behind it. This is a deliberate homage to the MTStreets era Los Angeles where so much of his daily musical life was based around rap and hip-hop, working with mega-talented people like Cicero from 808 Mafia. “I found a way to make pop music for people in pain by layering just enough hip-hop for my sound to push the boundaries of hope.”

About MTStreets: He is a major advocate for mental health and addiction through various nonprofit organizations. This anchors him to living life with a greater purpose. You can learn more about MTStreets at MTStreets official website.

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