Murder Mystery 2 will see the return of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston recently announced that they will be returning for a sequel to Murder Mystery on Saturday, September 25, during the Netflix fan event Tudum. Jeremy Garelick will direct the sequel.

In Netflix’s fan event, the actors claimed they would be part of a sequel to the 2019 comedy drama, now titled Murder Mystery 2. The streaming association portrayed the film as a worldwide journey full of secrets and hijinks. While Jennifer and Adam were unable to go to the live event, the couple’s Zoom conversation was broadcast during the event. The discussion started with Adam bringing up the subject of another movie by suggesting Jennifer eat as soon as possible. Afterward, Jennifer suggested that he see each other at various events while she watched numerous people she had met take a break and grow up on the original Murder Mystery film.

David Spade also joined the conversation and saw immediately if he could get her beach property while she was away. The hook was completed with the title card for Murder Mystery 2 and a handy text that read “More mystery, a few murders”. Now neither a release date nor any other production experience about the film has been revealed. That being said, Netflix has made various other gigantic claims, similar to published teasers and first glimpses of upcoming shows. The streaming platform revealed, among other things, new looks from Stranger Things Season 4, Money Heist Season 5 Part 2, Bridgerton Season 2, The Crown.

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