Murder Mystery 2 writer praises Sandler & Aniston’s chemistry


EXCLUSIVE: Murder Mystery writer James Vanderbilt praises the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and says Murder Mystery 2 is really good.

murder mystery 2 Author James Vanderbilt praises Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry. With Sandler and Aniston, thriller is one of several Sandler-produced films available exclusively on Netflix. In the same vein as a crime thriller like a crime thriller notice or Knives out, murder mystery debuted in June 2019 and set a new streaming record for Netflix original films.

directed by Kyle Newacheck, thriller follows Nick (Sandler) and Audrey (Aniston), a married couple who take a vacation to Europe to rekindle their relationship. Starring Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton and Terence Stamp. thriller takes a comedic and chaotic turn of events when Audrey and Nick are framed in a mysterious murder on a yacht and they must unravel the clues to solve the crime. The film garnered nearly 31 million views in three days, and last September, Netflix announced that Sandler and Aniston would officially return murder mystery 2.


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Speak with screen rant, Vanderbilt says it’s incredible working with Sandler and Aniston and praises their on-screen chemistry. revelation that he wrote thriller In a love letter to his wife, Vanderbilt says he was delighted at the chance to write a screenplay that “pure fun comedy.” Vanderbilt reveals he was excited to star the Sandler and Aniston couple in a new chapter and boasts that the film “really good.” Read Vanderbilt’s full commentary by screen rant‘s interview below:

Adam [Sandler] and Jens [Aniston] are incredible and they just have such great chemistry. It’s so much fun making a film like this. A lot of the things I did were more serious or action-packed or whatever. So just pure fun comedy, that was something I was really looking forward to. I’ve been married for 16 years now and when I wrote the first one, and this one, it was really a love letter of sorts to my wife. Romantic stories are always about a couple who meet for the first time or a couple who end up on the verge of separation. You always see the beginning and the end of a relationship, you never see the middle in a couple who really love each other, and that was kind of, behind all the jokes and the weird and stuff, the idea for Murder Mystery that I had. And so I think it’s great that we’re making this film and people have responded to it and we can do it again.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery

Directed by Jeremy Garelick murder mystery 2 has already started filming. Sandler and Aniston recently appeared on set secret secret 2 in Oahu, Hawaii, although it’s unclear where the sequel film is set. At that time, plot details and release date for murder mystery 2 stay locked up. However, expect the dynamic duo of Sandler and Aniston to be treated to a new level of detective and detective work in the sequel.

thriller ended on a cautiously closed note, and the film’s star power, easily digestible plot, and high ratings paved the way for the sequel – possibly even a trilogy – starring the Sandler and Aniston couple. As a matter of fact, thriller delivered the perfect airy watch and left the audience wanting more. For now, viewers can look forward to seeing the strong chemistry between Sandler and Aniston once again on the small screen murder mystery 2.

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