Natalie Imbruglia unimpressed by David Schwimmer’s crush on Jennifer Aniston during her romance novel



The ‘Torn’ hitmaker insists she doesn’t have harsh feelings after her ex-boyfriend and TV co-star revealed they had a crush when he was with the singer.

Natalie Imbruglia has no problems with it Jennifer Aniston falls in love with her husband David Schwimmerwhile they were together.

The Australian singer, who briefly romanticized the actor in the 1990s, laughs at Aniston’s recent admission and insists that she never felt anything strange was happening when she attended the set of the hit sitcom.

Appear on “The Kyle and Jackie OOn the radio show, the Torn singer said, “It’s been so long, I can’t remember (everything strange happens).”

“I remember being on set and I remember everyone was nice and really, really nice. I didn’t pay attention to whether they glanced at each other over my shoulder. I don’t know if” that happened. ”

“I’m OK with everything that happened back then.”

Aniston made the big reveal during the recent HBO Max “Friends“Reunion special that explained that she and Schwimmer had a crush but never met because they were always with other people.

However, the actress insisted that despite being in love, they never met in real life. She explained, “We were in relationships, the timing was never right. And it wouldn’t have worked. The nice thing about it was that whatever we were feeling we were literally channeling everything into Ross and Rachel and I think maybe that’s why it was the way it was. ”

But she said, “I would proudly say that I fucked swimmers if that happened.”

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