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As the days go by before Vice TV’s beloved wrestling documentary series returns with seven new episodes this September, Evan Husney & Jason Eisener keep their promise, fans of Dark side of the ring some extras to bridge them until then. Earlier this month, the producers announced that they would be sharing bonus clips and deleted scenes from season 3 during this “off-season” Brian Pillman as well as the chapter examining WCW, NJPW and the “Collision in Korea”.

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This time we deleted scenes from “The Ultra-Violence of Nick Gage” and “The Dynamite Kid”. In the first clip, Nick Gage realizes that the effects of a recent deathmatch took a bigger toll on his body than he thought. Then a story about how Tom Billington‘s visit with Dan Spivey led to a drug overdose and hospital escape:

The third season of Dark side of the ring ventures deeper into wrestling’s veiled past and reveals the hidden, heartbreaking and untold stories of professional wrestling with intimate access to its subjects. “With this epic fourteen-episode season, we had the chance to take the series to new heights and immerse ourselves in a world that has captivated us all our lives,” said Eisener and Husney. “We’re excited to present a season that spans a whole new spectrum of stories, from iconic icons of the past to contemporary snapshots from the wrestling underground to breathtaking overseas legends.”

Wrestling legend and AEW superstar Chris Jericho returns as the series’ narrator for a second straight season – along with a huge cast, including Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Jon Moxley, Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, David Arquette, Antonio Inoki, Rob Van Dam, Terry Funk, and the former wife of Ultimate warrior, Shari Tyree. The second half of the third season is set to return in September and includes: Vince McMahon and “The Steroid Trials” from the 1990s; a look at the creation of FMW, created by Japans Atsushi Onita and known for his spectacular matches and baseless gore, but took a dark turn in the hands of Onita’s protégé; and Luna Vachonwho faced immense personal losses and battled addiction while making a name for herself in wrestling history.

They also investigate the documentary series “The plane ride from hell”– the infamous party aboard a private 757 charter that forced the WWE to reprimand some of its biggest stars; the history of Johnny K9 also known Bruiser chaos, and his double life as a wrestler and leader of a biker gang involved in drug trafficking, police station bombing, and gruesome double homicide. XPWthat merged Rob Blacks passions for porn and wrestling – until an argument with a young wrestler started a chain of events that resulted in jealous anger and a terrible amputation; and the incredible story of Chris Kanyonwho kept his sexuality top secret for decades.

Dark side of the ring

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