Oops! Times Jennifer Aniston’s outfits turned out to be awkward


Jenifer Aniston’s Awkward Moments!

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Photographers captured Jennifer Aniston in a predicament on December 5 – but what happened to her has probably happened to everyone. Jen, please accept my sincere condolences.
Jen wore a gorgeous black coat that covered her bare shoulders to the NYC premiere of her latest movie, Office Christmas Party, but the tags remained visible whenever she moved a certain way. Jen claimed she’d worn the coat multiple times without seeing the tag issue, as if once wasn’t humiliating enough.

Look at that! “What am I — I look like something terrible just happened,” Jen said of her photo caught in the act on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night. “Something terrible has
happened,” Jimmy said. A price tag is attached to your coat. Is it possible to check how much it cost from here?

In fact, you couldn’t tell a price tag right off the bat, but her jacket was a $2,000 Celine design, just in case your curiosity was piqued. The fact that the cost was hidden was a small consolation, but it was nothing compared to the number of times Jen walked out with her tags dangling. “The unfortunate thing about this floor is that I’ve only worn this coat four times. It was gifted to me from a commercial I recently shot. So I just carried it home without thinking about it – to be honest I didn’t give it any more thought! And indeed it happened four times later!”

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