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Horror fanatics know it well: The infamous house from the 1996 film “Scream”, in which teenagers, including one or two killers in ghost masks, go to party in their sworn community after a series of murders.

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Well, the setting where so much (wrong) blood was spilled can be the setting for one of the best Halloween ever for the lives of some lucky guests … if you are able to move fast enough.

The two-story home in Tomales, California will only be available for three nights on Airbnb, to mark the upcoming 25th. One of the perks? It’s only $ 5 per night.

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However, first come, first served.

Booking opens Tuesday, October 12th at 1 p.m. EDT for three stays on October 27th, October 29th and October 31st, according to the Airbnb listing. Four guests are welcome.

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While the stay comes with many great perks, one of the top attractions for die-hard fans will be a delight: host David Arquette, who stars as Sheriff Dewey Riley.

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“As the local sheriff, it is my duty to be your host to keep everything under control for your stay in the SCREAM house,” teases the listing. “What could possibly go wrong? In honor of SCREAM’s 25th anniversary and the upcoming 2022 film, face your fears and stay the night that Ghostface’s horror began.”

Further advantages are:

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It should be noted that Arquette’s presence will be virtual, but “but once you arrive and check-in, our socially distant concierge will ensure a comfortable stay for you and your guest – including guiding and organizing meals.”

Getting to the vacation home in Tomales, about 120 km north of San Francisco, is the responsibility of the guests themselves.

We assume you can check out anytime, but can you ever leave?

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