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Phil Lesh & Friends at the Capitol Theater – A residence

Sometime between the time when the four surviving members of The grateful dead toured as The others and how The dead, a remarkable album was released: Phil Lesh & friendsThere and back again. The album brought us eleven great tracks, most notably “Night of a Thousand Stars” and the soulful “Patchwork Quilt”. The limited edition included a second CD with 52 minutes of live music from this group, underlined by a 25-minute “Dark Star”.

And who was in this quintet? Lesh too, of course John Molo on drums, Rob Barraco on keyboards and the stunning pairing of Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring on guitars. DAMNED!

Lesh is in the process of putting the band back together for the first of three three night runs The Capitol Theater in Port Chester. The first, 11.-13. October, featuring The Phil Lesh Quintet, known as “The Q”.

From October 18-20, Phil Lesh & Friends will take place with a few friends, including Stuart bogie, Eric D. Johnson, Josh Kaufman, Grahame Lesha (Lesh’s son), Joe Russo, Benmont Tench, Amy Helm (10/18 & 10/20), and Elliot Peck (10/19).

These are appointments from Monday to Wednesday. At the end of the residence, Lesh will welcome you Taylor goldsmith, Trevor Menear, Griffin Goldmsith, and Lee Pardini, all members of Dawes, from October 29th to Halloween. Also planned are Grahame Lesh, Nicki Bluhm, and MC Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger, October 29th & 30th). Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell will attend the party on Halloween.

All shows are sold out and the resale tickets are astronomically what you would expect. Let’s hope these will be broadcast live. The music never stopped.

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