Scream 2, The Lost Boys, more horror classics hit theaters this October


It has been revealed that Regal cinemas will be showing several classic horror films from different decades this Halloween season. Twitter account @Dansferatu shared the news in front of the official on Aug. 31 WB Classic Films Twitter page retweeted the original post and confirmed the message yesterday. Among the titles that can catch horror dogs on the big screen this Halloween are: The Lost Boys, scream 2and John Zimmerman‘s Halloween. Modern horror classic Trick or treatwhich has never been released in cinemas before, will also be shown in Regal cinemas.

The Lost Boys is a classic vampire movie from the 80’s that starred Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Dee Wallace, Jason Patricand Kiefer Sutherland. scream 2the first sequel to the groundbreaking 1997 slasher game Scream, is considered by many to be one of the greatest horror sequels of all time and is starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jada Pinkett Smithand Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also, this year actually marks the 25th anniversary of scream 2. John Carpenters Halloween needs no introduction as it is the very first film in the well-loved Michael Myers saga. The original Halloween grossed nearly $70 million when it first hit theaters in 1978, on a tiny budget of around $300,000.


Other films Regal will be showing this Halloween go way further back than just the ’70s. 1932s The Mummy1935s The Bride of Frankensteinand 1952 Creature from the Black Lagoon will all be shown at the Regal Theaters this year. These three films were part of a wave of iconic monster films released by Universal Studios and have influenced horror cinema for untold years. George A Romero‘s classic zombie movie Dawn of the Dead is also shown on the shelf, but in 3-D!

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Maybe an anthology horror movie from the late 2000s Trick or treat is the most exciting film for audiences to see at Regal cinemas as it marks the first time the cult classic has actually been shown in cinemas. The film suffered from a two-year delay, which hurt its chance of a proper release. The film was screened at a small number of film festivals, including the 2008 Screamfest Horror Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival, before being released to home media in October 2009. Trick or treat has gained quite a notoriety over the years and is a staple of pop culture. Michael Dougherty‘s Frightfest got its own attraction at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, and a sequel was in development back in 2013.

Trick or treat will begin playing in Regal theaters nationwide on October 6, and the other films in the lineup are scheduled to open around the same time.


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