Scream 4 originally kept Emma Roberts’ Jill alive (Cliffhanger Explained)


The original trio all survive Scream 4, but the original script ends with a cliffhanger with Jill still alive and Sidney’s fate unclear.

Emma Roberts’ Jill was originally supposed to survive Scream 4, with an early draft that ends on a large cliffhanger. The iconic Slasher series is now featuring. revived Cry 2022, which will see the return of central trio Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox). However, it was the fourth film to be released in 2011 and was once intended to kick off a new trilogy that the unused Jill cliffhanger would have led to.

Scream 4 satirizes horror remakes and the public’s obsession with fame as a new Ghostface killer seeks to surpass the original 1996 murders Scream. Sidney returns to Woodsboro for her book tour after writing a self-help reminder. That unites them with others Scream recurring characters Gale and Sheriff Dewey – who are now married – and their cousin Jill Roberts. Sidney watches in horror as the dynamic of Jill’s high school friendship group mirrors their own and a new group of suspects emerges.

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The horror sequel culminates in the shocking revelation that Jill is Ghostface, who supports her friend Charlie (Rory Culkin) in her series of murders. After Jill attacks her unfaithful friend and assaults Sidney, she tries to portray herself as the heroic lone survivor. Scream 4 ensures that the heroes ultimately prevail, but that wasn’t always the plan. Kevin Williamson’s early script ends with the massacre at Kirby’s (Hayden Panettiere) house before police discover an unknown second survivor as a cliffhanger and leave viewers to speculate about the end result. Jill is alive, but her plan is based on Sidney’s ambiguous fate.

Scream 4 now ends with a hospital sequence in which Jill – without a Ghostface mask – tries to murder Sidney, but is finally killed. Instead, Williamson’s script just teases that Jill’s scheme could be exposed. There is no hospital, but Jill’s wounds are treated immediately after the massacre. She is comforted by a desperate Dewey before she takes on her role as victim for a swarm of journalists and repeats Gale’s coverage in the final scene of the original. Suddenly a police officer announced: “We have one alive. A woman. “Dewey and Gale get new hope and Dewey replies:”You mean sydney“Maybe Sidney was the survivor, but there are two alternatives. Kirby suffers an ambiguous death in both the script and the film, with her body never shown on screen. Director Wes Craven later made it clear that Kirby survived. This early draft also shows Sidney tripping over the motionless corpse of Deputy Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton), whose shocking death takes place off-screen. This leaves the possibility of one of the characters surviving instead of Sidney, with different consequences for Jill.

this Scream 4 The ending would have kept Jill alive, presumably to break up the cliffhanger in a later episode. After all, the sequel was meant to be the first in a trilogy, and Craven admitted that his original characters couldn’t avoid death forever. If Kirby survived over Sidney, she would likely think Jill was innocent after only finding out that Charlie was Ghostface. This would have prepared both characters for a major confrontation, with Jill certainly not being able to keep up her ruse. Craven could have portrayed Jill, reveling in her newfound fame, as a tragic “survivor.” Scream 4‘s company commentary. However, if Sidney was to survive, it is doubtful that Emma Roberts Scream 4 Killer Jill would only allow himself to be arrested. As seen in the last film, once her plan is foiled, she is ready to kill everyone and almost succeeds. In either case, there was exciting potential to explore the aftermath of their trick.

this Scream 4 Cliffhanger would have been refreshingly daring, but would have proven divisive without the promise of a sequel to resolve Jill’s story. The critical reception was mixed and the slasher underperformed at the box office, but the unknown of his hero’s fate might have been boosted Scream 4Chances to continue Cravens and Williamson’s plan for a trilogy. Fortunately, the franchise has yet another opportunity to impress a new generation Cry 2022 ‘s relaunch of the series.

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