Scream 6 Star Teases Major Scream 2 Ghostface Chase Scene Callback


scream 6 Star Jenna Ortega is teasing an exciting recall scream 2‘s Ghostface chase scene in the upcoming slasher sequel. More than ten years later scream 4the popular horror franchise was revived earlier this year with the release of Scream. The highly anticipated Legacy Sequel welcomed Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and David Arquette’s Dewey Riley, as well as Melissa Barrera and Ortega as the new main cast of the franchise, Sam and Tara Carpenter. ScreamThe impressive success at the box office brought immediate confirmation for a sequel, scream 6which will continue the story of the Ghostface killer.


Speaking at Latino Cinema & Television’s Critics Choice Celebration recently, Ortega offered an exciting innuendo scream 6revealing that the film will return to one of the previous installments in the franchise, scream 2. Ortega expressed her excitement at this scream 6 before you share that the movie a”many good chases‘ recalls a particularly heartbreaking scene in scream 2, in which Ghostface hunts Gale. Check out the quote from Ortega below.

I’m so excited for Scream 6 because there are a lot of good chases. A bit reminiscent of Scream 2, there is a chase between Gale and Ghostface through the lab. I feel like we have a lot of stuff like that this time.

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Everything we know about Scream 6

Scream 5 ghost face

While Scream Fans will be most familiar with the city of Woodsboro, the key location within the franchise. scream 6 is scheduled to take place in New York and will see the return of Scream Former Jasmine Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding alongside Barrera and Ortega. scream 6 will also welcome a host of new faces including Dermot Mulroney, Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori, while Cox and Cox are welcome back scream 4by Hayden Panettiere. Campbell will not be returning scream 6 After a dispute over pay, the iconic last girl left the Scream Franchised after five previous appearances.

Very little is known about how the history of scream 6 will unfold, although of course the film is expected to follow the same meta approach that established it Scream Movies as a firm fan favorite within the horror genre. After that became known scream 6 would take place almost immediately after the events of Scream, the characters will likely grapple with the film’s major deaths, including Arquette’s Dewey. This confirmation that scream 6 multiple car chases is no doubt exciting. That scream 2 That scene, which Ortega specifically quotes, is one of the franchise’s standout moments, and with Cox likely to have a prominent role, her character may be in for a moment of déjà vu. With ongoing production scream 6 After graduating earlier this summer, many hope that the first official scream 6 The trailer isn’t far off as the film is slated to hit theaters in early 2023.

For the anticipation scream 6, Ortega’s exciting revelation will certainly be welcome news. With Scream After receiving several callbacks on the previous films in the franchise, it’s great to hear that this trend is set to continue scream 6. However, as the chases increase, so does the stakes of what that could mean scream 6 will feature more character deaths than its predecessor, which is of particular concern to many scream 6 will defeat another legacy character. With a short while to go scream 6 makes its way back to the big screen, it remains to be seen what other fun franchise callbacks this highly anticipated sequel will bring.

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Source: Critics Choice Celebration of Latino Cinema & Television

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