Scream 6 storyline details: It takes place in New York City


That’s because New York City is “about 20 times more humiliating,” according to star Melissa Barrera.

Ghostface is officially coming to the Big Apple.

Scream 6 star Melissa Barrera announced that the upcoming franchise episode, slated for a March 31, 2023 release date, will take place in New York City, a far cry from the longtime slasher setting of Woodsboro. Set after the events of 2021’s “Scream,” the upcoming sequel follows Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmine Savoy Brown, and Mason Gooding, the surviving foursome who seek a fresh start after surviving Ghostface’s terror in the suburbs. But moving to the big city brings with it a new set of terrifying truths.

“It’s about 20 times more humbling,” Barrera told Collider of the New York City location. “It’s awful. Because you also see how in a city like New York City, everyone is doing their own thing and someone is screaming for help and nobody is going to come to their rescue.

Barrera added, “No one comes to help them, you know, everyone kind of says, ‘I’m not going into that.’ So it’s humbling because you’re being chased by Ghostface, but you also see humanity and how it reacts in a situation like that. Anyway, I think I’ve probably said too much already.”

Co-star Ortega, who plays Barrera’s younger half-sister in the films, confirmed earlier this year that Ghostface was “much more intimidating” this time around.

“It’s getting bloodier. I think this is probably the most aggressive and violent version of Ghostface we’ve ever seen and I think it’s going to be really fun to shoot,” Ortega said.

Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are directing Scream 6 from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. Scream 4 alumnus Hayden Panettiere is back as hilarious cinephile Kirby, and franchise newcomer Dermot Mulroney plays a New York City cop. Courteney Cox will also be back as reporter Gale Weathers.

One performer who doesn’t make it to the Big Apple, however, is Neve Campbell. The franchise staple and iconic final girl said she won’t be returning for the sixth film amid salary disputes.

“I didn’t feel like what I was offered matched the value that I bring to this franchise and have brought to this franchise for 25 years,” Campbell said. “As a woman in this business, I think it’s very important to be appreciated and to fight for it. I honestly don’t think that if I were a man and made five episodes of a massive blockbuster franchise over 25 years, the number I would be offered would be the number offered to a man.”

She added: “In my soul, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go on set feeling – feeling undervalued and feeling the unfairness or lack of fairness.”

Would-be co-star Barrera admitted Campbell’s departure was “shocking” to the cast, but pointed to intersectionality as another contextual factor.

“Particularly as a woman of color, I’m constantly dealing with these things that I feel aren’t paying me what I’m worth. But usually I feel like it’s because I’m a Latina and they don’t value us as much as white women do,” Barrera told Variety. “If Neve feels undervalued as a white woman, it just goes to show how big the problem is in the industry. I applaud her for sticking to what she believes in.”

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