Shagufta Ali: I am sick and unemployed. It’s hard to talk about my problems


While the pandemic has resulted in many people using up their savings as either work has dried up or it has stalled due to lockdowns, which has meant no flow of income. Actress Shagufta Ali reveals that she urgently needs financial help and has reached out to her colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Ali, a popular face in TV shows and films, has appeared in Saans, Parampara, Junoon and others and has been working since ’89. Due to illness, she shares that she has not been able to work for four years. A cancer survivor who struggled for a while had to sell her car and jewelry after using up her savings to make ends meet.

“People close to me knew about my problems and the war that I have been fighting for so long. In life I’ve worked a lot, got good roles and was professional, but chaar saal se mera lockdown chal raha hai. I was a private individual, but my health and financial problems were one too many. I’d get offers, but one thing or another would jinx it. My health also kept me at home. It was difficult for me to talk about my financial problems. ”

Right now, the senior actress says she needs help paying her monthly bills, medical bills, loans, and other expenses, including treating diabetes and eyesight, and when she’s better she wants to work. The Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) reached out to her to offer her help and she says, “I will accept help from Cintaa, but they cannot help either. I’m a self-made person and asking for help is my last resort. ”

Ask her if financial difficulties are a disadvantage for the entertainment industry and she replies, “This area is unsafe, but there is a lot to be done. Things are tough because of the pandemic, but five years ago when I was active I would say the industry is regular work and there is stability here. Of course, I haven’t acted in the last four years, which led to this difficult situation. ”


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