SNL toast Bonker’s COVID-era school committee meetings to perfection


Saturday night lives The season 47 premiere made fun of the wild parents we’ve all seen or heard to spread misinformation about COVID

Raise your hand if you’ve ever doubted your sanity during a school council meeting. That’s all, isn’t it? This year has been especially tough as schools across the country try to keep parents and staff informed of their specific COVID safety guidelines. These meetings got all conspiracy theorists and Karens out of hand, and SNL captured that chaotic energy perfectly with this sketch.

“I’m worried and I’m crazy too,” said the first speaker at the school board meeting as she feeds a conspiracy theory about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And somehow this is the most sensible character to approach the podium.

The sketch hits all the best hits of the COVID conspiracy and a few more.

A parent asks if the school has approved the use of a “hormone given to elephants in captivity to increase sperm production,” a strong reference to the dangerous conspiracy theory that supports the use of ivermectin, a de-wormer for horses, as a COVID virus Treatment promotes. “It cured my COVID in practically half a day,” says the father, who doesn’t look like the epitome of health he claims to be. “It’s very safe, my son took it and had no negative effects,” says the father as the camera pans to a bearded boy.

The speakers get more and more off topic as the sketch progresses, attacking the critical racial theory that is taught in schools, ranting about President Obama and complaining about teenagers who “vapourize and mutually anal”. Also give Bowen Yang a call, who does the sketch as a dreaded conspiracy brother.

“I’m so angry I’m literally shaking right now. Forget about Covid. The real threat is that our schools are teaching critical racial theory, ”said an angry white woman on the podium. “My question is: what is it? And why am I angry? “

As silly and seemingly far-fetched as the sketch is, it is not too far removed from reality.

Some school committee meetings have gotten so wild this year that the National School Boards Association called on the federal government to step in and help stop the school authority threats. Some parents have threatened teachers, board members, and other staff online, through the mail, and in person.

“As these vicious acts, acts of violence and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous acts could amount to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crime,” the association wrote in a letter to President Biden. We hope that somehow these meetings will become less dangerous for everyone involved, especially the people trying to protect our children while they are studying.

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