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Airbnb, a vacation rental company, is looking to stir things up this year. Known for renting houses out to guests around the world to relax in, this October they are offering horror fans a chance to stay in the iconic house from the 1996 film. Scream. From knife wounds on the doors to the garage where Tatum saw her iconic but dismal demise, the house has been renovated to restore the house to its original glory and add a touch of nostalgia to fans with its’ 90s horror movie aesthetic .

If you’re lucky enough to land a reservation, up to four guests can stay at the Marin County, California home for just $ 5 a night and not only explore the property, but also take a full tour Scream Experience. David Arquette, who played local Sheriff Dewey Riley, will act as the virtual host for guests, providing survival tips to help you get through the night and survive any close encounter with Ghostface.

In an Airbnb press release, David Arquette reached out to guests and gave some advice as Dewey Riley.

“Protecting the town of Woodsboro is my life’s work, and I’ve definitely developed a knack for escaping Ghostface. As your host, I keep an eye on guests to make sure no unexpected turn of events take anyone by surprise. Trust me, horror films always keep it interesting, for better or for worse … “

Airbnb created an immersive experience for the happy guests who spend the night. With some elements from the original Scream, Guests are welcomed virtually by Dewey, the opportunity that Scream house, a VHS film marathon with all four Scream Movies, a dedicated phone line to contact Ghostface and classic 90s snacks like jiffy pop and ice cream with a Reddi whip. Even if guests can call Ghostface themselves, the masked killer could also call the house.

If guests survive the night, they may have the option to take home some Scream memorabilia, including a DVD package of the first four Scream Movies, Woodsboro High Gear and Posters for the upcoming one Scream The film is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

Horror fans have three options for snagging an in-house reservation, as Airbnb will host three-night stays in the last week of October, ending on Halloween night.

Don’t worry if, as the scriptwriter of the original, you can’t book a stay in the house yourself Scream and horror movie expert Kevin Williamson will host an online experience on Thursday October 28th, giving fans the chance to learn behind the scenes secrets of the franchise, the cast, the characters, and even the plot twists and turns.

Bookings for both the online experience and the overnight stay open on October 12 at 1 p.m. EDT. ~ Sean Olegario

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