Squid Game: Jung Ho-yeon meets Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Snook!


Squid Game continues its rise. Actress Jung Ho-yeon will take on Jennifer Aniston at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony.

Good news for fans of the series Squid Game ! Jung Ho-yeon will face Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Snook next Screen Actors Guild Awards Ceremony. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Squid Game: an extremely popular series

Released September 17 on Netflix, the series Squid Game quickly won over the audience. And for a good reason! Hwang Dong-hyeok’s creation attempts to denounce in 9 episodes, the importance of money in our society.

The filmmaker then confided in his ambitions in an interview for Variety. I wanted to write an allegory a fable about modern capitalist society« , he said.

Then he wanted to add: « Something that shows extreme competition, a bit like life’s tough competition. But I wanted to use the kind of character that we all encounter in real life. »

Therefore, for the implementation of his project, the director decided to use mixing two important elements of two opposing generations. Namely money and games.

“Lured by a tempting price in case of victory, Hundreds of destitute players agree to take part in kids games with deadly stakes. »

This is the summary of Squid Game Written by allocated. A delicious summary not to be missed be unanimous among many subscribers Netflix.

Within a few days, the production of the video-on-demand service broke all records. The latter even stayed for several weeks Number 1 in more than 90 countries.

A figure of size that even Chris Van Dusen’s TV Series, The Bridgerton Chronicle, unavailable. And that’s not all ! The success of Squid Game is such that South Korean labor continues to rise. MCE TV tells you more!

Jung Ho-yeon vs. Jennifer Aniston

In France as in the United States, Squid Game conquered the masses. So much so that the series exists today named in all the greatest ceremonies.

After hitting the mark at the Golden Globes, the time has come aux Screen Actors Guild Awards that Hwang Dong-hyeok’s work will be present.

Uh yes! Jung Ho-yeon, aka Kang Sae-byeok, will face off Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Snook, Elizabeth Moss and Reese Witherspoon at the event. And that for the award for best leading actress in a drama series. only that !

The filmmaker spoke proudly of the success of the series. The latter therefore reacted in Variety. “Since we released Squid Game, we have seen many surprising events. But these appointments in four categories of the SAG Awards are one of the most surprising and happiest moments we have experienced. »

After that, the director concluded: “I am very honored. Especially since it is not one or the other main actor who is recognized, but the entire cast and stuntmen. I’m happy to say thank you to all the team members and all the actors who worked on Squid Game. » A big success!


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