‘Successor’ star Nicholas Braun has a pretty surprising reputation … with women



  • Nicholas Braun plays cousin Greg on the HBO hit Succession.
  • In real life, he’s very different from the awkward character he plays on TV.
  • In fact, Braun is known in New York City as a real ladies man.

Nicholas Brown | Rich Polk / Getty Images for IMDb

Succession Star Nicholas Braun plays cousin Greg in the HBO drama – the great-nephew of media titan Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Many fans would describe “Greg the Egg” as “painfully awkward”, innocent and naive, and a bit like a “dummy”.

With his lanky 1.80 m, Braun and his character really stand out from the crowd. And often for unexpected reasons. It turns out that brown has a pretty surprising reputation in New York City … with women.

The ‘Succession’ star has opened a bar with Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband

Ray’s is a bar on Chrystie Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and has recently become a hangout for some of social media’s most popular A-listers. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Kiernan Shipka, Channing Tatum, Zoe Kravitz, Shawn Mendes, BJ Novak and A $ AP Rocky are often spotted at the waterhole. But these celebs aren’t the main draw for a weekend.

Corresponding The New York Post, the young, single women at the bar are there to see bar co-owner Braun. the Succession Star bought the bar with Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband, Justin Theroux.

“I know he comes here a lot. I hope to see him someday, ”a woman admitted to the point of sale. “The reason I went to Ray for the first time was, frankly, Nicholas Braun-motivated.”

Nicholas Braun has a surprising reputation among women

Although he is often a minor character in Hollywood, Braun is “the leading man in New York nightlife.” Celebrity sighting Instagram account DeuxMoi follows the actor across the Big Apple, with cast members sharing sneaky pictures taken on their phones when they spot him.

“He asked me for sugar and I could barely answer,” is the kind of comment you’ll find on these posts.

DeuxMoi employees have spotted brown in restaurants across New York City – Fanelli’s, The Odeon, The Smile, and Cafe Mogador. Usually he has a beautiful woman by his side. When spotted partying at Kinston Hall bar, the contributor said Braun went on a date with two brunettes who were “making out” with each other.

Thirsty women regularly track down the ‘successor’ star

Photos of Braun are everywhere DeuxMoi. There are pictures of him walking in Washington Square Park and at a “Meatball Eating Contest in Little Italy”. But the New York Post Says the most likely place thirsty women try to track down Braun is with Ray.

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“He’s not a certified hottie or anything – he’s not a person who would normally be attractive to the general public,” said Lauren Silverman, a Braun neighbor who admits being “in lust for” Braun, post. “It can be assigned. If you met him on the street, he would probably be nice … He is not entirely untouchable. “

Nicholas Braun reportedly hooks up with women who slip into his DMs

Many women who have dated Braun are quite talkative about their experience with the actor. From women who hooked up with him on the dating app Raya to those who slipped into his DMs, everyone says he’s just a “normal” guy.

One woman – who chose to remain anonymous because she’s still in a “semi-sexual” relationship with Braun – said the actor replied to her just hours after sending a direct message on Instagram. After a brief chat, they planned their first date.

“It was really very healthy – it was during the day and we only ate lunch,” she said. “He’s very cute and a bit introverted. I realized that he’s not that different from his characters … they usually tend to be a little awkward and disorganized. He greeted me enthusiastically and hugged me very much when we met. “

The ‘successor’ star is a ‘player’

A New Yorker who only went to Ray to see Braun said her mission was ultimately successful, even though she hadn’t even spoken to her Succession Star.

“There is this booth inside, to the left of the bar, where friends of the bar are sitting. I looked over and he was sitting there. Oh my God. I finally saw Nicholas Braun, ”she said.

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Another woman – who dated Braun after meeting him on Instagram – said the actor’s ability to keep up with all of the women he sees was pretty impressive.

“He asked me about my time at home [visiting family]. I know this man is a gamer, so it’s impressive that he can keep up with all of these girls and their stories, ”the woman explained.

New episodes of Succession Aired on HBO Sunday night.


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