Tate Donovan says filming ‘Friends’ with ex Jennifer Aniston was ‘tough’


Seeing an ex on the go is never easy, but for those working in Hollywood, crossover is a lot more common than they’d probably like. In Tate Donovan’s case, he worked alongside ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston while continuing to guest star Friends, was nothing short of hell.

Speak with us weekly, The actor revealed he “dyed inside” as they filmed each scene, describing it as “really tough.”

While people often assume the two met while filming the show, Donovan explained that they had been dating for two years prior and by the time cameras started rolling on set, their real-life relationship was already on the wane gone.

“Jennifer and I were in the process of breaking up,” he explained.

“It was difficult to act and pretend like we’re just meeting and falling in love or whatever, being interested in each other when we kind of break up. That was just tough.”

On the show, Donovan took on the role of Joshua (pronounced Joshwa, from Aniston’s character). — a recently divorced businessman whom Rachel Green was keen to court. Unfortunately, she ended up coming at him way too hard and shooing him away, but it was certainly amusing for everyone else to watch.

“It was only six episodes,” Donovan reflected on how long he actually spent on the show. “I mean, just because we broke up. We said, “Hey, can’t we go on with this? Because it’s really painful and hard.'”

Despite the heartbreak, the actor still looks back fondly on his time spent with the iconic show.

“It was good,” he mused. “It ended up being a really great experience of how people can treat you really well and you’re still doing your job even though you’re kind of dying inside.”


Aniston and Donovan met in 1995 after being introduced by a mutual friend. While the pair hit it off on the first date, Donovan wasn’t keen on pursuing another high-profile relationship, having previously dated Sandra Bullock.

Still, their chemistry was undeniable, and the pair soon reconciled. By 1998, they were engaged but ultimately decided to call it off, although neither has ever really explained why.

At the time, the couple was very much in love, as Aniston recounted PERSONS that Donovan was the “perfect guy,” describing him as “so real, so honest, so funny, so kind and considerate.”


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