That Day in Wrestling History (1/1) – K-Fed defeats John Cena


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Every show has a moment where fans scratch their heads about how David Arquette won the WCW world title, but on that day in wrestling history, January 1, 2007, Kevin Federline didn’t just beat John Cena.

From that moment on there were even more alleged repercussions, so calling this a flop cannot be ruled out.

It’s no secret that WWE will reach out to any entertainer who will have a big name on their shows. It often helps increase the ratings and visibility of the WWE in general, as well as a possible boost to the film or album the artist is putting out.

So it’s understandable that WWE would bring K-Fed on board for a short time to capitalize on his marriage to Britney Spears and to promote his album America’s Most Hated.

Where he antagonized John Cena and faced him on Raw in a match without disqualification.

Not exactly a win

Since the playing condition was not a DQ, it was a certain K-Fed that would get help and there was a lot of glitch, but it was Umaga who nailed Cena with the championship belt that gave K-Fed the win.

This act began on Cyber ​​Sunday in November 2006 when K-Fed interfered in the main event and cost Cena the match. The following night, on January 1, 2007, K-Fed challenged Cena to a match on Raw.

After K-Fed pinned him, Cena came back for Raws Main Event, a 4v1 handicap match he lost to DQ, but he hit a FU on K-Fed to end the night.

The fallout

While he was generally well received by WWE, the entertainment news had a big day when it covered when Britney laughed when she saw his post.

Allegedly, Federline rioted and destroyed various properties. It was reported to be the last straw and Britney filed for divorce the next day and their divorce was finalized in July.

How true this is anyone can guess because sensationalism is media dogma, but the hit segment was pretty hilarious and not in a good way.

To give his album a boost, 6,000 copies and a total of around 16,000 copies were sold in the first week.

This is nowhere near what everyone involved wanted, but in the end, this day in wrestling history is one of the days the second guess.

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