The 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Movies


While Hollywood has produced some of the biggest films over the years, they’ve also had plenty of flops and their fair share of failures. But even less-than-stellar movies can still entertain and draw viewers away from real-world troubles. While there are universally popular films, no project is completely loved by every viewer, and no project is completely loathed by every viewer.

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While critics or fans may not agree on every film released, there are some films that make a certain person feel good about themselves. Some of these works of art might not have been critically acclaimed or grossed billions of dollars at the box office, but they were easy to look at and still fun. Whether it’s action, drama, comedy, horror or a mix, there’s something special about these films and they serve the viewer as a guilty pleasure.

10 Kindergarten Cop features Arnold showcasing both his action and comedy acting skills

Kindergarten policeman Arnold 1990

After dominating action movies in the 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off the 1990s with two great but very different films. Total recall played the Austrian Oak as a futuristic secret agent and kindergarten cop let the future governator go undercover as a school teacher.

While Total recall was a great action sci-fi film, Arnold’s appearance in kindergarten cop showed his range as an actor. He was hilarious as an undercover cop working a case as a kindergarten teacher. Mixing his action film background with funny kids and a complex love story, Arnold proved he can tackle all facets of acting.

9 Get Him To The Greek is a hilarious spin-off rock comedy starring Jonah Hill at his peak

take him to greek jonah hill

Two years after the success of Forgot Sarah Marshall, director Nicholas Stoller returned to the same universe but focused on rock star Aldous Snow. Russell Brand returned as Aldous Snow and Jonah Hill co-starred as Aaron Green take him to greek one of the most underrated comedies of the 21st century. After the release of a terrifying new single titled “African Child,” Snow’s life begins to fall apart until Aaron shows up with the chance of a lifetime.

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Snow and his band will be performing at LA’s Greek Theater ten years after their first great performance. Brand and Hill are hilarious in their roles and play so well together, creating several memorable moments that flew under the radar.

8th Wanderlust is a wild comedy and love story with a great cast

wanderlust paul rudd jen anniston

wanderlust is a hilarious film that seemed to go unnoticed when it was released in 2012. Starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as the Manhattan couple, the film follows them as they try to spice up their lives by moving to a promiscuous rural farm. Justin Theroux plays Seth, a hippie who believes in free love until he meets Aniston’s character, Linda.

The entire cast is hilarious, and while things get out of hand for Aniston and Rudd’s characters, they eventually realize how much they mean to each other and stick together. Although the film’s financial and critical response was poor, it became a cult classic through home media and streaming.

7 Waiting… is a salacious comedy about the food industry and funny friendships

Wait Ryan Reynolds

A comical and slightly disturbing take on a popular restaurant chain and its employees, Waiting… examines the hilarity and gross exploits of youth in the food industry. Starring a young Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Luis Guzman, Anna Faris and a host of other talented actors. Waiting… explained to the viewer why “you never mess with people who handle food.”

Some of the best parts of the film are the “game” the workers play during their shifts and the relationships that are formed with co-workers. Although it’s just another salacious comedy about young people, Waiting… teaches the viewer to take risks and never stick with a job just because it’s easy.

6 Adventures In Babysitting is an 80’s classic that blends youth with action

Adventures in babysitting

While the 1980s were filled with many great coming-of-age movies, Adventures in babysitting is underrated and unfairly feels like an afterthought. Often compared to Fast times at Ridgemont High, Back to the Futureand other classics of the 80s, Adventures in babysitting combines the dangers of a big city with childlike comedy.

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Elisabeth Shue plays Chris Parker, a 17-year-old girl who ends up babysitting instead of going out with her jock boyfriend for their wedding anniversary. Chris’ friend Brenda gets lost in town and she’s forced to take the kids she’s babysitting with her. Things go wrong quickly, leading to some hilarious encounters with some of the town’s grittier denizens. Luckily, Chris rises to the challenge of the big city, meets a nice guy, and gets everyone home safely.

5 Mystery, Alaska combines comedy with hockey and focuses on the strength of a small town

Mystery, Alaska Russell Crowe

While there weren’t many hockey movies, there were hits like slapshot, The Mighty Ducks franchises and miracle are among the best sports films of all time. Mystery, Alaska is a lesser known great hockey movie starring Russell Crowe, Burt Reynolds and a bunch of talented cast.

The small fictional Alaskan town of Mystery is a cold and faraway place, but the weekly Saturday hockey game is a town tradition. When a sportswriter and former Mystery resident shows up back in town, he promises a hockey game against the NHL’s New York Rangers. Some tensions arise between mystery residents, but the small town comes together to cheer for their underdog team and shows off their hometown pride.

4 Mallrats is an underrated Kevin Smith comedy, romance, action and comics film

Mallrats Kevin Smith

After the success of his first major film employeeDirector Kevin Smith wanted to continue his success and was given a larger budget to do so. mall rats may not have been successful in the eyes of the studio or even some fans; However, it’s still an insanely fun movie set in a mall.

Jason Lee steals the show as Brodie Bruce, a frequent Mallrat with a penchant for comics, Sega and his girlfriend Rene. There are multiple storylines throughout the film, including Ben Affleck’s role as a pompous store manager and a complicated relationship between Jeremy London’s TS and Claire Forlani’s Brandi. The comedy is on point, and any film that features a meaty role for Stan “The Man” Lee is a hit in the eyes of any fanboy.

3 Palm Springs is a Hulu Original Movie that used comedy and romance to tell a magical story

Palm Springs Hulu

Hulu has made some decent original movies over the last few years; but, PalmSprings remains his best and most unique to date. Andy Samberg plays Nyles, a young wedding guest who accidentally gets stuck in a time warp and relives the same day over and over again.

Nyles and Sarah eventually become friends and find that they love each other after consistently spending the same day together. The story of the time warp is interesting and the comedy is outstanding. However, the chemistry between Nyles, Sarah and Roy is the film’s strength.

2 The watch features comedy geniuses Stiller, Vaughn and Hill grappling with an alien invasion

the watch ben stiller vince vaughn

While mega comedy hits such as Old school, Starsky & Hutch, knocked openand wedding crasher dominated the mid to late 2000s, 2012s The clock contains a similar comedy but adds science fiction. Featuring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and a strong cast of comedians, The clock has its trademark frat pack comedy but throws a curveball by inserting an alien invasion into the story.

The three main actors are in the prime of their careers and play so well together that they improvise many of their lines throughout the film. Even if it wasn’t a financial or critical success, The clock is an easy-to-watch movie that will make almost anyone laugh.

1 Packed with terrifying action, Alien: Covenant is the best film in the franchise since 1986’s Aliens

Alien Covenant 2017

In 1979, Ridley Scott directed extraterrestrial, one of the greatest horror and sci-fi films of all time. James Cameron took the franchise in a whole different direction with 1986, foreigner, combines more action and war with horror and sci-fi. The franchise went haywire foreigner 3 and Alien: Resurrectionwhich led to something even more absurd Alien VS Predator crossover films.

Scott returned to the franchise in the “Prequel.” Prometheus in 2012, which explored the creators of humankind and eventually the creation of extraterrestrials. 2017s Alien: Covenant went back to the routes of the original extraterrestrial, adding more horror and new mythology to the franchise. Although it underperformed at the box office, Federation is by far the best film in the franchise since Cameron foreigner.

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