The 10 best horror movies and series set in a mall, according to Reddit


Let’s crack open the pinkberry.

Mall horror is all the rage lately. You have youthful goosebumps stranger things and street of fear Sure, taking full advantage of the Liminal Mall aesthetic. But horror has taken place within the walls of shopping malls since the beginning of time. Horror mainstays will no doubt immediately think of classics like Dawn of the Dead; a horror film rooted in the fundamental carnage of capitalism and consumerism. But what else is there?

Today, Reddit makes a pit stop at the food court and orders the best uses of a mall setting in horror movies. Editor thomastheturtletrain asks: beyond chopping mall and Dawn of the Dead, do the best horror movies take place in a mall? And the front page of the internet is back with reliably twisted answers.

Check out what Reddit calls the best horror titles set in a mall:


Produced by horror hero Alexandre Aja in 2007, p2 was an intense lo-fi horror show set in the parking lot under a Manhattan mall on a very cursed Christmas Eve. While it might not be mall content, you get the liminal double whammy of Christmas Eve and parking garage fame. This chiller stars Wes Bentley and Ravel Nichols. It was inspired by the horrifying real-life incidents of women being attacked in underground parking lots in Paris.

Eight-legged freaks

The final act of the extraordinarily underrated 2002 creature film Eight-legged freaks has some grueling shopping mall action. This David Arquette vehicle came out in 2002 to crush the big scary spiders, and we’re grateful for that. The original title for this monster mash with giant spiders was Arach Attack, which makes me laugh every time I remember it. The plot for Eight-legged freaks is about a colony of spiders exposed to toxic waste, and the rest is hairy history.

Are you afraid of the dark – “The Tale of the Pinball Wizard”

In search of borderline charged horror, starting with Are you afraid of the dark? is always a safe bet. The YTV horror anthology season one finale, released in 1992, saw its protagonist trapped in a mall. But the twist? He is also trapped in a metaphysical pinball game, with each level of the mall acting as a different level of his pinball fantasy game. It’s a stone cold classic and begs to be watched again as a stoned adult.

John dies at the end

This unconventional 2012 horror comedy comes from phantasm Filmmaker and all-round exceptional talent Don Coscarelli. It is based on the book of the same name by author David Wong and is about zombies, extradimensional chaos and the end of the world. During John dies at the end failed to make the box office, it has since achieved cult classic status. The weird film’s conclusion has some serious Mall energy and is well worth a look.

night of the comet

fans of Buffy the vampire slayer note something night of the comet is an original teenage girl battle gem. Released in 1984 by filmmaker Thom Eberhardt, this sci-fi horror comedy stars Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Mahoney as survivors of a bizarre comet apocalypse. Cited as the inspiration for the character Buffy Summers, this micro-budget camp classic has raked in ten times his budget. Definitely worth investigating into this cult classic if you haven’t already seen it.


Director Elza Kephart’s outrageous Canadian modern comedy horror won’t go unnoticed. Co-written by Patricia Gomez, this title is about a pair of demon-possessed jeans with brain violence. The bruise is present in this movie, and it definitely keeps up the mantle instilled by movies like rubber. Slaxx is a solid reminder that retail is a hell of a good industry.

Street of Fear: 1994

The opening kill in Fear Street Part One: 1994 is shopping mall horror at its finest. The mood is impeccable throughout the three-parter street of fear Movie series, but the liminal vibe of this first entry is undeniable. Horror hero Leigh Janiak really gets down to business with these entries co-written with Phil Graziadei and Kyle Killen. I doubt you need to be reminded of that street of fear films are based on the book series of the same name by icon RL Stine.

Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge

As a new mall is built on the site of a horrific accident, murder and mayhem soon ensue. Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge is a prime example of late 80’s madness. It stars Pauly Shore, Derek Rydall and Ken Foree all giving their best. Not the highest quality mall horror example on this list, but it still deserves a spot for its outrageousness. And for Ken Foree. We love Ken Foree.

stranger things 3

In the summer of 1985, Hawkins Indiana was hit by the Starcourt Mall narrowing. This industrious monstrosity begins driving other businesses out of town. It will soon become the playground of all things interdimensional nonsense. Starcourt Mall’s colorful and fun aesthetic is a perfect complement to the stranger things Series. The new season is about to be canceled, but stranger things Attention fans: The series will end after the eventual fifth season.

Zombieland: Double tap

The second zombie land The film was trapped in development hell for years before finally seeing the light of day in 2019. Ten years after the first film, Rosario Dawson and scene thief Zoey Deutch were included as Madison in the second part. Deutch’s Madison played the typical blonde archetype. However, with her limited screen time, she becomes the best part of the film. Found in a pinkberry freezer at a mall, Madison joined the ranks of Tallahassee, Columbus and Wichita, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Zombieland 2 - The 10 best horror movies and series set in a mall, according to Reddit
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