The 10 Weirdest Things Vince Russo Ever Said


Vince Russo is a controversial figure in the wrestling world. No one is as controversial as he is, except maybe Vince McMahon himself. He helped create the biggest boom in wrestling history with the Attitude Era. He was also solely responsible for the downfall of WCW and the subsequent near closure of TNA.

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It’s an understatement to say he’s done some very crazy stuff over the past few years. Not many people in the industry consider Russo an authority today, but his words still help paint an accurate picture of him. Russo is also a very outspoken person who has said several strange things over the past few years.


10 Thought the referee stop in the NXT TakeOver: Rival main event sucked

The main event of NXT acquisition: rival was the NXT Championship Match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The match played out the intense rivalry the two have had for years and had a level of heat that only the greatest rivals had. The match was troubling when Owens was declared the winner by a referee stoppage, which felt like a mercy for Zayn.

Russo stated that the game’s ending was silly as he didn’t believe why “a referee would stop a game that isn’t real”. He went on to say that the match should have had a different ending.

9 Thought Tony Khan crossed the line when he tweeted about Jon Moxley’s rehab

Jon Moxley entered a rehabilitation facility on November 2, 2021, which came as a shock to many people. The news was unveiled by AEW President Tony Khan, who tweeted about the news on his official Twitter account. The news was shocking and was treated with the utmost seriousness as such grim news can be dealt with.

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However, Vince Russo slammed that announcement, stating on Twitter that Khan had “crossed the line” in tweeting about this situation and stating that he’ll lash out at Khan on his podcast. Apparently he didn’t notice that Tony Khan stated at the beginning of the tweet that he had permission from Mox to post the news.

8th Said David Arquette is more over than Kevin Owens will ever be

Kevin Owens as Universal Champion hasn’t quite reached his potential. His run as champion was entertaining, however, and the partnership he developed with Chris Jericho made for a must-watch TV show every week.

Vince Russo continued his animosity towards the prizefighter, thinking Kevin Owens was a terrible champion from a business standpoint. He then went on to say that David Arquette is “more over” as world champion than Owens will ever be. David Arquette is widely considered the worst WCW world heavyweight champion of all time to be awarded the belt despite not wanting to win it himself.

7 Claimed to have written episodes of Raw himself

In one of the episodes of his podcast The mark, he claimed that during his tenure as head writer, he wrote episodes of Monday Night Raw himself, with no other input. He claimed he received no input from Vince McMahon, who trusted him so much that he trusted Russo to write the shows himself.

This statement contradicts almost every account and knowledge uncovered of Vince McMahon’s creative process and writing. Vince McMahon has always been considered an integral part of creativity as all decisions went through him before going live.

6 Believes fans dislike him for prioritizing entertainment over wrestling

Vince Russo believes he’s hated by professional wrestling fans online because he decided during his time as a writer to prioritize entertainment over in-ring action. He stated that he wrote for the casual audience who weren’t already wrestling fans.

His points don’t make sense and expose his flaws as a writer. He chooses to ignore audiences already invested in the product and targets it towards an audience that needs to be persuaded to watch wrestling. It also doesn’t rule out that people don’t like his booking because it didn’t make any sense in the first place. His time in WCW and TNA proves that.

5 Thinks Bryan Danielson’s Yes Kicks is stupid

A key part of Bryan Danielson’s offense are the Yes Kicks, which have helped him win some of the biggest prizes in wrestling. Considered by many other wrestlers to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Danielson is widely respected among fans and peers.

Vince Russo doesn’t think so and even thinks Bryan’s Yes Kicks are stupid. Calling himself a normal guy on TV, he stated that the moves were unrealistic and so bad that he would change the channel.

4 Offended that Sasha Banks doesn’t like bra-and-panty matches

On September 5, 2016, Sasha Banks did a promo with some “bad news” and during the segment spoke about the evolution of women’s wrestling since the darker days of bra-and-panty matches.

Vince Russo was offended that Banks spoke quietly about the bra-and-panty matches and defended the controversial match guy. He thought Sasha disrespected the women who had to attend these games, although she only spoke out against the way they were booked.

3 Admits he tried to sabotage TNA’s deals with Pop TV and Destination America

In late 2015/early 2016, TNA was pretty much undecided about where and what time to air their show. It then aired on Destination America and subsequently moved to Pop TV in January 2016.

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Vince Russo then wrote to both Destination America and Pop TV to try to sabotage Impact’s deals and get a job as a consultant for the network. Even more confusing, he revealed this information in an interview with former wrestler Disco Inferno.

2 Believes that the Attitude era was successful because the games were 5 minutes long

Vince Russo took to his twitter to say that the Attitude Era is better than the current era wrestling solely due to the fact that according to him the matches lasted 5 minutes. In a tirade against Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, Russo said that the Attitude Era had 5-minute matches while they now have 15-minute matches, which is why ratings are falling.

He said the solution was simple, implied he was the solution, and urged her to get a hint and reapproach the crash-style television he wrote.

1 Says WWE wanted to book an OJ Simpson match

In an episode of his show Something else to wrestle with, Bruce Prichard spoke about how Vince Russo wanted to set an angle with OJ Simpson, and a match between him and Fred Goldman, the father of one of the victims. Prichard also notes that Vince and Roddy Piper were the main proponents of the angle, with the match being between Piper and OJ. He says Russo wanted OJ to face Fred with Fred having a gun in his corner.

Russo continues to deny any involvement in the idea, placing all of the creativity in WWE itself. It’s hard to know the exact implications, but it’s hard to deny that this sounds like something Russo would have thought of.


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