The 14 Biggest Little Midlife Lies


There was some excitement this week after Courteney Cox admitted she regrets having had certain plastic surgeries. That could be partly because those of us who saw her on a Graham Norton show recently took a serious double-take. We’re thrilled that she’s made her way back to “looking more like the person I was,” as opposed to her cartoon evil sister.

However, the main reason is that celebrities undergoing cosmetic procedures are a rare occurrence. Lying about image-related things is common practice for A-listers, and the number one lie is that they don’t age at normal human rates.

Of course, this is only the tip of a very long list of Little Midlife Lies. Once they hit 40, the lies—a mixture of self-deception, self-aggrandizing tricks, and outright fantasies—start ramping up thick and fast, and we civilian midlifers aren’t far behind. We’re actually pretty close. Granted, we don’t have to lie about cosmetic enhancements that often, but other than that, Little Midlife Lies (or LMLs) are universal in nature and such an accepted part of getting older that the midlife liar might not even recognize them as lies.

When Sue (who is the same height as she was in 1980) comments on her weight loss, wearing Spanx isn’t a lie, or just common sense? Isn’t it dishonest that advertising made the jam, or is it perfectly fine, especially when you could have made the jam if you wanted to? For us midlifers, there is only one answer – LMLs are part of getting older; Younger people may feel differently.

Below are the most common Little Midlife lies that we are all (probably) guilty of. If you’re Courteney’s age, you should get at least a 10 out of 14. If you are older, 12.

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