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There really will be something for everyone at Belcourt this July. The theater has programmed perhaps its most adventurous roster yet since reopening in the wake of the pandemic, with a handful of highly anticipated new releases and repertory screenings showcasing some of the most beloved classics in film history.

First the new boys – the Spanish-Argentinian showbiz satire Official competition opens July 1 with well-received performances by Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz. The coming-of-age documentary/memoir beba also opens at the beginning of the month. It is the debut film by Afro-Latina New Yorker Rebeca Huntt.

On July 8th, one of the top rated films of the year, A24 Marcel wears the shell with shoes on, will hit belcourt screens along with a run in the region’s multiplexes. The talking shell, voiced by Jenny Slate, went viral back in 2010, and the little guy has finally made his way to the big screen. Expect big crowds for the 2021 Telluride Film Festival breakout.

On July 22, the Belcourt will begin its run from Jordan Peele’s nope and will open the 2022 Sundance breakout documentary fire of love, about a couple of volcanologists. Both will be must-sees on the big screen, the former an original by Peele and the latter featuring stunning images of volcanic activity. In addition, the new Claire Denis film is expected in cinemas in July Both sides of the bladethe Croatian film produced by Martin Scorsese-Executive Murina and the dramedy Ali and Ava.

In late July, Music City Mondays will air a short episode of the documentary Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Story, A Song. Just don’t hum too loud when the theme song comes on. Other Music City Mondays films include the festival documentary by DA Pennebaker Monterey Popthe sensory masterpiece Koyaanisqatsi and jazzdoc Ornette: Made in America on 35mm.

On the Reps side, Theater pitches Heumacher with a combo of Weekend Classics to die for; a Summer at the Movies series of family-friendly hits; a handful of queer classics, some Midnight favorites, and a David Lynch restoration. Lynch’s brand new 4k restoration Abandoned highway will be restored after June domestic empire.

For the Weekend Classics block, get 4K DCP versions of Once upon a time in the west and Lawrence of Arabia. Spike Lee’s pioneering Malcom X is shown on 35mm and the Texas romance giant is shown over a newly restored 4K DCP version.

For the Summer at the Movies series, you get the granddaddy of family movies, The Wizard of Ozplus Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Beasts of the Southern Wilds, hook, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Mathilde (before the Netflix adaptation of the musical this fall) and Hayao Miyazakis spirited away and My neighbor Totoro. If you find a way to double with Marcel wears the shell with shoes on and totorothe cuteness can kill you.

The theater’s Queer Qlassics series runs every Wednesday in July and celebrates a selection of LGBTQ+ films: the Wachowskis’ debut BoundJamie Babbit’s popular satire But I’m a cheerleaderPaul Verhoevens controversial at the time primal instinctand Apichatpong Weerasethakuls winner of Cannes 2004 tropical disease.

Finally, for the theater’s midnight revue, you’ll get a few fan favorites from the Coens’ classic The big Lebowski and the Ryan Gosling Noir from 2011 journeyand a 35mm print of David Arquette’s wrestling comedy ready to rumble. Check out the story behind it – it’s fascinating.

The theater will also be bringing back its Super Secret Mystery Midnight for another round. The first surprise of April was the Cheeseball ET rip off Mac and Iso expect something similarly outlandish.

The theater will also host its Strong Leads Summer 2022 seminar, the well-loved CatVideoFest and the 2022 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour.

And exhale. If you’re looking for a fun movie night in July, Belcourt more than ticks the box. This exciting slate should satisfy even the pickiest movie nerd (come on dude – Weerasethakul on 35mm). During this time, also say thank you to your friendly neighborhood Belcourt rep – it’s going to be a busy July but with so many great and promising films on the programme, we’re not complaining.

The schedule and tickets can be found on the theater’s website.


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