The best and worst moment for any character among friends


Probably the worst story arc in all of “Friends” began in season 8 when Joey began developing romantic feelings for Rachel. Both viewers and actors hated the story of the improbable duo getting together as their characters simply weren’t compatible as lovers and anyone who watched the show regularly saw it wouldn’t work.

Ultimately, Joey shook off his feelings for Rachel when she didn’t respond; Crisis apparently averted. But wait because it got worse: Season 9 reversed roles and their affair started all over again. The two kissed in Barbados, reviving a multi-episode celebration of a relationship.

Eventually Rachel and Joey came to their senses realizing that they were good friends and that things would be jeopardized if they tried to develop their relationship; Ultimately, they canceled everything in season 10. The problem here is that Joey should never have kissed Rachel or even entered into a relationship with her. Why he ever thought a relationship with his boyfriend’s ex was okay is overwhelming. You’d think that Joey, the brother of all brothers, had a little more respect for the men’s code, buried his feelings for Rachel, and moved on.

That story would likely play out very differently in the real world, where most men are smart enough not to chase a friend’s ex-girlfriend who happens to be the mother of their child – and if they do, they probably will at the end with a fat lip to point for. It’s still shocking to watch these episodes right now and see Joey – usually such a nice guy – ignore his mate’s feelings and follow his impulses. It’s a storyline that viewers (and actors) wish it had never happened.


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