The best sitcom pregnancy announcements of all time


Pregnancy announcements on TV shows come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes it’s a strong, independent woman like Olivia Pope who just decides she wasn’t made for motherhood. Sometimes it’s Rachel Green who keeps the identity of her baby’s father a secret until everyone finds out their own way. Some of America’s biggest sitcoms have featured a slew of pregnancy announcements, some funnier than others. These are the very best of them:

10. Judith Harper (“Two and a Half Men”)

Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) never really learned after getting burned. Judith (Marin Hinkle) had proven time and again that she was a condescending woman who only looked out for herself, but Alan decided to step in when she was having trouble with Herb (Ryan Stiles). The result was a pregnancy that Judith passed off as Herbs, and the announcement was made by Jake (Angus T. Jones), who didn’t really care. Alan was stunned, and for a minute or so he was speechless, doing the math in his head.

9. Phoebe Buffay (“Friends”)

After Monica (Courteney Cox) and Rachel made a “stupid bet” that they would lose to Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry), they had to give up their apartment. The day they were supposed to move, Rachel was furious. While they were overwhelmed with all the packing, Phoebe had some issues of her own. Her pregnancy test didn’t work, so she had to use gravity and singing to her advantage. Everyone screamed as Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) came out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy kit. Her brother and his wife would eventually have a baby.

8. Lily Aldrin (“How I Met Your Mother”)

In “Challenge Accepted,” Marshall (Jason Segel) wasn’t doing so well, and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) decided to get him some soup. Afterwards, she felt ill and had mistook it for food poisoning. She warned Marshall about the poisoning and told him to set a countdown to when his own illness would come. Thanks to the fear, Marshall missed his chance at a dream job. In the morning he woke up with the reality that no illness was coming and Lily was very pregnant.

7. Hailey Dunphy (“Modern Family”)

When Hailey Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) found out she was pregnant, she told her siblings but didn’t tell her parents. Although Luke (Nolan Gould) and Alex (Ariel Winter) had a love-hate relationship with Hailey, they were incredibly supportive. Hailey finally worked up the courage to break the news to the family unless there was a problem. Dylan (Reid Ewing), who was supposed to be with her, got stuck in the chimney. Hailey had to do it alone, holding the mantel as if it were while his feet hung over the fireplace.

6. Aunt Viv (“The Fresh Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”)

When she found out she was pregnant, Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) was afraid to tell Uncle Phil (James Avery). She finally found the perfect opportunity to shove it. Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil chatted lightheartedly and laughed as she made the reveal.” Phillip, I was afraid to tell you because I didn’t think you could take it. But now I know you can,” she said. As soon as she told him she was pregnant, Uncle Phil passed out.

5. Lois Wilkerson (“Malcolm In The Middle”)

Empty nesters, Hal (Bryan Cranston) was glad he and Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) were finally on their own. “It’s so nice. Reese (Justin Berfied) is gone, Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) is going to Harvard. I don’t know how you did it, but it all went exactly as planned,” shared a happy Hal Lois, who lives at the bathroom was. Unfortunately for him, the joy was short-lived. A disheveled Lois made her way into the bedroom and clutched the door frame for her life. She revealed a positive pregnancy test, suggesting her sixth bun is in the oven was.

4. Rachel Green (“Friends”)

Rachel (Jennifer Anniston) has always had a thing for stealing Monica’s shine. Even at her wedding, Monica couldn’t just enjoy her moment. At first she thought Phoebe was the pregnant woman. Monica scolded and asked how stupid someone could be to get pregnant at that age. Rachel finally revealed it as she sipped on a glass of champagne and spat it out. As a wedding gift to Monica, Rachel agreed to take a second pregnancy test. Turns out she was indeed pregnant and feeling good about having a baby.

3. Penny Hofstadter (“The Big Bang Theory”)

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) didn’t want children. She often thought she wouldn’t make a great mother. The series finale came with a shocking twist. On a flight, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was the first to notice that Penny had gone to the bathroom four times in the past two hours. He thought she had an infection and was passing it on to the rest of them. He consulted with Leonard (Johnny Galecki), who along with Penny revealed that she was pregnant.

2. Amy Santiago (“Brooklyn Nine Nine”)

Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Jake’s (Andy Samberg) relationship began in the funniest way; Two detectives try to trick each other. By the time we got to season three, their relationship had taken a romantic turn. Eventually Jake moved in and even proposed. Amy had been on hormone treatments that Jake didn’t realize were changing her behavior. A visit to the doctor had brought up a possible suggestion that Amy eventually learned was correct. They had a baby. Jake couldn’t have been happier.

1. Carla Espinosa (“Scrubs”)

JD (Zach Braff) had the difficult task of pretending he didn’t know Carla was pregnant. Turk (Donald Faison) was already faking it himself.” Carla and Turk would walk in any second now and tell me they were pregnant. And Carla had to think I was really surprised,” said JD. He almost got it. First he hugged Carla tightly and seemed happy as if he was receiving the news for the first time. He had been rehearsing a ten-minute speech, which he spoiled in the first sentence. Only then did Carla find out that everyone else knew she was pregnant.


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