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The last month has been a wild time to be a professional wrestling fan, with a paradigm shift in the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and WWE. Wrestling has long had a place in pop culture but has only recently exploded again thanks to names like CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson. If you’re less familiar with wrestling these names won’t mean much, but it’s fair to say that wrestling goes through a lot great changes now.

We won’t recommend this Gizmodo movie night to you every Wrestling show (that would be frankly impossible) – but we will be recommending a number of TV shows and movies Above Wrestling that you can immerse yourself in over the weekend.

From documentaries to so-called “Monday Night Wars” to fictional adaptations of wrestling history, here are the best wrestling films and TV shows to watch.

The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW

Image: WWE

The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW is one of the most important (and relevant) documentaries ever produced by WWE as it details how the company came to power and how it “defeated” every other wrestling promotion that threatened it in the 1990s. It’s told and fascinating very tight – so if you have even a passing interest in wrestling, it’s a great watch.

It’s important to note that this TV show is produced by WWE, which means the presentation and detailing of the events is a bit biased – but it is still that way a very rare and fun glimpse into wrestling culture of the 1990s and how it has changed over the past few decades.

The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW streams on the WWE network, a niche streaming service with WWE’s entire back catalog of games, documentaries, and TV shows.

Fight with my family

Fight with my family wrestling TV
Image: Lionsgate

Fight with my family is a biographical drama about the life of former WWE wrestler Paige who became one of the groundbreaking women of the modern WWE era. She is played by Florence Pugh (Black widow) in an excellent way, in a film that shows all the wild ups and downs of Paige’s life and wrestling career.

Add cameos from some of wrestling’s greatest stars, a story that is truly inspiring, and an entire cast that is performing great, and you have a real recipe for success. Fight with my family is a delight and tells one of the best wrestling stories out there today. Although Paige’s wrestling career has been interrupted by injuries, this film is a testament to her legacy and strength.

Fight with my family is currently available for purchase on Apple TV.

You can’t kill David Arquette

You can't kill David Arquette
Image: Super LTD

You can’t kill David Arquette is a documentary about the rise and fall of actor David Arquette, who almost ended his career in the 2000s when he appeared on the WCW promotion wrestling and won a championship title. Arquette has a fascinating story, and this film is about the dire consequences of becoming one of the most hated men in wrestling when wrestling fans were angrier and more passionate than ever.

At the core, You can’t kill David Arquette is a brutal look at how wrestling fandom can go wrong, but there’s a silver lining, too, in this Arquette ultimately earned fan respect by returning in the late 2010s to prove that he could actually keep up with “the boys”.

You can’t kill David Arquette is streaming on Stan in Australia.


Heels tv show
Image: Starz

paragraphs started airing in August, so it’s one of the newest titles on this list – but it’s already proving itself very Fun. In the series, wrestling serves as the backdrop to a sibling rivalry between Ace and Jack Spade, two brothers who grew up in the wrestling industry. It is a little Friday night lights and a bit of CW drama, but it’s clearly created with a love of the industry.

Even if you don’t like wrestling paragraphs is still a great fun show to fill your weekends.

There are some great cameos as well, including from CM Punk who is having a fantastic time as a seasoned wrestler Ricky Rabies.

paragraphs is currently broadcast every Sunday Stan in Australia.

The wrestler

The Wrestler Wrestling TV Shows Movies
Pictured: Fox Searchlight Pictures

The wrestler is a raw film that tells the story of fictional wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson, who seeks to reclaim his glory days in an industry that long left him behind. Aside from being a very real-life look at how wrestling can chew up and spit out older performers, The wrestler is just an absolutely phenomenal film.

Mickey Rourke’s performance earned him a lot of praise for good reason and almost single-handedly brought back his acting career. As in other wrestling films, there are major cameo appearances from indie and mainstream wrestling talent, but it’s the story and the action that will truly captivate you.

It’s rare for wrestling to be treated so respectfully on the big screen, however The wrestler is a real triumph on all fronts.

The wrestler is streaming on Binge drinking in Australia.

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