The cast of “Friends” strip down to their underwear in a resurfaced commercial


A video of the cast of friends in her underwear for a commercial has reappeared online, with some fans admitting they’ve never seen it before.

The legendary sitcom, which premiered in 1994, became one of the most popular shows and still has legions of fans today.

The lighthearted show about our six favorite New Yorkers, which ran for a decade, made the cast stars – Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing.

The show’s popularity was evident in the salaries the six were able to negotiate in 2002. A New York Times Article from that year stated that the cast received $1 million per episode each.

It said: “NBC and the Warner Brothers television studio last night struck the biggest deal ever for a half-hour television program, a one-year extension for the comedy friends that will exceed the half-hourly rate that the network paid HE. In 1998.

“The deal will bring back the entire cast of six for the show’s so-called final season, and will pay each a salary of $1 million per episode — a total of $22 million per season if the show expects to produce the 22 episodes.”

Over the years, people have pored over the episodes as they garnered a new following among those too young or alive to appreciate them in their prime, buoyed by their easy accessibility on streaming sites like Netflix .

In 2018, it was named the UK’s most popular show on paid streaming services, Ofcom’s Media Nations report revealed.

As a result, fan theories, glitches, and Easter eggs are rife, how friends-Fever hit an all-time high in 2021 as the cast reunited for a one-off special, Friends: The reunion.

A clip that has surfaced online shows the troupe back to their humble beginnings, with a TikTok clip from fan account @centralperksource stating that the promo ad featured the “friends first commercial (1994).”

In the black-and-white footage, the performers are dressed all in white in what they describe as underwear, as the camera pans past the actors as they introduce themselves.

“I’m Rachel, I’m Joey, I’m Phoebe, I don’t do this,” says Cox, as LeBlanc replies with a classic Joey-esque “come on.”

“This is a shameless exploitative attempt to get people to watch our show,” Cox continues, when Aniston asks, “So?”

Perry then steps forward with the details and tells the camera, “friendsThursday night right here on NBC.”

“Would you stop, they’ve got us in our underwear, we’ll never be in our underwear,” Cox chimes in, asking, “We’re not gonna be in our underwear, are we?”

friendsin between crazy about you and SeinfieldThursdays this fall,” the voiceover adds, underscoring that this is one of the first commercials for the show before the series aired.

Since uploading to TikTok in July, the clip has garnered 3.5 million views and can be viewed here, with Leebelshaw246 saying, “I’ve never seen this so thanks for the post.”

Youri de Boer2 joked: “Ross isn’t talking because he’s on a break.”

The awesome 47 mused, “If only they knew how this show was going to explode.”

Christianross02 asked, “Was that the old logo before it started?”

While Kev O’Connor added, “Even in the beginning they had Monica & Chandler together.”

news week @centralperksource asked for a comment.

Promotional portrait of the cast of the TV series “Friends”, black on a red background, circa 1995.
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