The cast of Scream 6 grows as Sequel announces first new character


Dermot Mulroney joins the cast of Scream 6 as the first franchise newcomer in the sequel and as a new cop character in the horror sequel.

That scream 6 The cast continues to grow as Dermot Mulroney becomes the first franchise newcomer. The latest installment in the popular slasher series was recorded a decade after the events of scream 4 when a new group of teenagers in Woodsboro are targeted by a new Ghostface killer, with all potential victims having ties to the town’s bloody past. ScreamThe cast included a roster of fresh and familiar faces, including series vets Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Marley Shelton, as well as Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mikey Madison, Mason Gooding, Jasmine Savoy Brown and Jack Quaid.


Controlled by Ready or Not Duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, known professionally as Radio Silence, Scream received largely positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, with praise directed at the continued meta-commentary, the performances of its cast, and the brutal killings. After the film grossed over $140 million against its $24 million budget in the midst of the pandemic, Paramount quickly went to work greenlighting it scream 6 with Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett back in the lead. Since production is about to start scream 6the list of potential killers and suspects grows again.

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The Hollywood Reporter said that Hanna Star Dermot Mulroney has joined the cast of scream 6. The 58-year-old star will be the first new character in the upcoming horror sequel and is set to play a cop in the film. production on scream 6 should start this summer.

Dermot Mulroney on the TV show The Purge.

As previously mentioned, Mulroney will become the first franchise newcomer to join the already star-studded company scream 6 to water. Recent newcomers Melissa Barrera, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega have all been confirmed to reprise their roles in the film, while Courteney Cox has confirmed that she will reprise her roles as cutthroat reporter Gale Weathers and Hayden Panettiere, the were recently announced to reprise her role from Kirby scream 4. At the time of writing, it has not been announced if Neve Campbell will be returning as the franchise heroine for Sidney Prescott scream 6apart from the star confirming that she was approached by the producers to return.

Aside from becoming the first new character on the series, it’s interesting to note that Dermot Mulroney also appears to be filling a now-vacant role scream 6 as a cop character. The latest Scream The film memorably killed David Arquette’s Dewey Riley and Marley Shelton’s Judy Hicks, leaving the franchise without a main law enforcement character to serve as both a potential victim and a killer scream 3 teased Patrick Dempsey’s Mark Kincaid as a suspect until the final act was revealed. While the audience awaits further details scream 6 Until it’s released in March 2023, you can rewatch the latest issue streaming now on Paramount+.

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Source: THR

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