The connection to friends and days of our lives that you may have forgotten


Throughout the 10 epic seasons of “Friends,” fans watched as Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) struggled with his acting career. Eventually, however, he had his big break and gained some fame when he played the fictional Days of Our Lives character Dr. Drake Ramoray was cast. Joey portrayed the neurosurgeon on the NBC soap opera, which not only gave the network publicity for its long-running suds, but also offered up some hilarious moments (via screen rant).

Some of Drake’s best moments included falling down an elevator shaft and being placed in an indefinite coma, and revealing his twin brother, Stryker Ramoray. However, one of the most bizarre “DOOL” storylines from friends occurred when Joey found out that fictional soap actress Jessica Lockhart – played by Susan Sarandon – would be written off the show. Joey’s character was hilariously given Jessica’s brain in a life-saving transplant, leading to a story where Joey figures out how to navigate his character’s new personality, per Soap. Even Phoebe got in on the action when Joey landed her a role as an extra on the soap opera.

While “Friends” and “Days of Our Lives” have a strong connection to each other. There’s also a real-life connection between two of the show’s stars. Friends fan favorite Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) is the daughter of DOOL star John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis). So the soap opera’s storylines likely hit the actress.


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