The EastEnders star who is best friends with his on-screen wife and why their on-screen kisses were awkward


Have you ever wondered if it’s awkward to see your real life partner with their spouse on screen? For the families of the soap actors, this could be a nightly battle. But sometimes these relationships can lead to them becoming closer in real life.

In fact, their on-screen romance for two soap actors was an extension of an already close friendship. That’s right – an infamous EastEnders couple had known each other since they were teens and were so close it made their kissing scenes awkward.

Scott Maslen, who played Jack Branning, and Samantha Womack, who played his wife Ronnie Mitchell, have remained best friends even since they left the show. Scott married his wife, DJ Estelle Rubio, in 2008 and they have a son, Zak, aged 20.

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Jack Branning was not to be trifled with

Samantha split from her husband Mark in 2018, but the two have maintained a good relationship. The now-separated couple have two children, Benjamin, 19, and Lili Rose, 15. It turns out that Scott is godfather to Samantha’s children and her own children are friends.

The actors’ relationship even caused some awkwardness on the set. In August 2020, Scott opened up about his friendship with co-star Samantha on Secrets From The Square, hosted by Stacey Dooley. The mirror reports.

He said that kissing Samantha on screen was awkward because they were such close friends. The actor said: “I’ve known Sam for so long it’s ridiculous. She is very dear to me.”

He mentioned the issue of on-screen kissing, explaining, “It’s kind of easier when you don’t know them. You have to play against all that other stuff if it’s your buddy. You gotta go ‘Oh!’ make.”

He joked, “When we kissed we both went, ‘Oh god!'” Jack Branning, Scott’s infamous character, joined the EastEnders family in 2007 and began a relationship with Womack’s character, Ronnie Mitchell.

Jack then had an affair with Ronnie’s sister Roxy in 2008 and even got her pregnant. The affair was a secret until a dramatic revelation on Christmas Day, in which the results of a damn DNA test were hidden inside a Christmas cracker.

Samantha left the show in 2017 and Scott in 2013. But although their on-screen romance has ended, it seems their friendship can endure.

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