The Friends star, whom you probably didn’t know, has directed episodes of Joey’s spin-off


With 10 Friends episodes and movies like Nevermind Nirvana and Americana under his belt, Ross has Geller himself David SchwimmerHe directed two episodes of “Joey.” The first aired in 2004 entitled “Joey and the Perfect Storm” and saw Joey Tribbiani try to juggle three different pieces at the same time in three different locations. 2005’s “Joey and the Taste Test” was the second in which Joey took a taste test for his girlfriend – later his partner – Alex Garrett (Andrea Anders) while she was trying to perfect her lasagna recipe.

Schwimmer has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the acting world, but it turns out he hasn’t directed a few projects just for fun. He has a real passion for it, as he said The New York Times in March 2011. “The vision comes from you, but you integrate talents and ideas from all these people. As an actor, there’s a lot of freedom, but the experience is a lot more isolated,” he said ahead of the release of Trust, in which he expresses his love for the collaborative nature of directing and the value he brings to working with multiple people Attaches to people on a film set.

“Joey” might not be as hit as “Friends,” but last but not least, it gave both Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer a chance to spend more time in the iconic series’ universe while honing their acting and directing skills, respectively.


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