The full-house actress who played a tribianni on Friends


If you were a regular viewer of “Full House,” you no doubt remember Marla Sokoloff as DJ Tanner’s (Candace Cameron) cool girlfriend, Gia, who usually caused trouble for DJ Sokoloff in one way or another IMDB Page reveals that she only appeared in nine episodes of Full House, but she was enough of a memorable presence to be brought back on Netflix for 11 episodes of Fuller House. And in between, she appeared as a Dina Tribianni in an episode of Friends – the Season 8 classic The One with Monica’s Boots.

With two ’90s classics like “Full House” and “Friends” on her credit list, it’s no surprise Sokoloff was asked what it was like to be on both shows. She spoke a bit about the topic in a video interview with Weekly entertainment. She admitted that despite her family-friendly nature, there was some “raunchy behind-the-scenes stuff” on “Full House,” which may come as a surprise when you compare the show’s content to the much more mature “Friends.” And Sokoloff also cites “Friends” as the show she would most like to be on if it ever got a modern reboot. So if someday in the future a “Friends” revival ever hits the airwaves, Sokoloff could appear in it, completing the chain that started in the ’90s by overlapping both “Friends 2.0” and “Fuller House.”


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