The funniest scenes in Adam Sandler movies ranked


“Mr. Deeds” is mostly a hit or miss as a comedy, but the delicious pairing of Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder offers enough sweet romance to keep the film gripping. As does an outstanding supporting cast, including Steve Buscemi and John Turturro in small but memorable roles.

Turturro in particular has a blast portraying a “very sneaky” butler who scurries around the house almost silently. He always comes to fulfill Deeds’ wink and call. When they first meet, Deeds takes off his shoe to show his dead foot – the result of a childhood struggle with frostbite. The black appendage freaks Turturro out at first, but Deeds calms him down by assuring the butler that he can’t feel anything. To prove his point, Deeds practically orders his butler to hit his foot with a poker. At first, Turturro’s character taps Sandler lightly, but when prompted, becomes a little overzealous to the point where he aggressively stabs Deeds, who yells out in pain.

“You’re sick,” Deeds yells over and over, while the butler flinches in horror. “Just kidding, mate,” he finally says, laughing.

“You really made me do it,” replies the freaky butler.

“Anyway,” Deeds continues, “I need to talk to Cedar and Anderson to figure out what to do today. So, could you get that off my chest, I’m kind of stuck here. “


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