The Miz and Logan Paul get personal ahead of WWE SummerSlam


When an outside “celebrity” enters a WWE ring, things can play out in a variety of ways.

Occasionally it’s a magical thing, like when Bad Bunny and Damian Priest took care of The Miz and John Morrison WrestleMania 37or even Sami Zayn’s fight against Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew Wrestlemania 38but throughout history you’ll find more than a few occasions where there have been some really bad celebrity encounters in a WWE ring.

Gosh, do I need to say more than Snooki? David Arquette? Donald Trump?

And yet, when Logan took the ring from Paul in their tag team match alongside Miz Wrestlemania 38when he went up against the team of Rey and Dominik Mysterio, the results were damn good – good enough for Stephanie McMahon and her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque to sign him and give him the chance, toe-to-toe to go. Zeh against the man who betrayed him in Texas.

And since then, Paul has had only one thing on his mind: settle the score.

Luckily with a booked game SummerSlam and a segment of “Impaulsive TV” scheduled for the finale RAW Before the big event, the duo had one last chance to take the ring and set the stage for a massive payout on a premium international live event stage.

The Miz and Logan Paul got personal in their Go-Home WWE duel.

Although an interview segment has already been booked for later in the show, the go-home edition of RAW started with an all-out brawl between The Miz and Logan Paul that took about a dozen people, from Adam Pierce to event staff and even members of the referee corps, to break them up. While this isn’t particularly uncommon in the WWE Universe, with multiple cast members having multiple segments on the show, including Theory, Roman Reigns and even Dolph Ziggler, that moment felt different as it came with no setup, no explanation, no pomp and no circumstances – just violence.

Granted, the show got back on track shortly after, with The Bloodline taking over the ring and then absolutely wrecking Reign’s Theory on the mic, suggesting he might just be his daddy if he doesn’t play his cards right, but rumblings go by Miz and Paul’s eventual meeting never quite left fans’ minds, as commercials for Miz and Mrs. and segments featuring Paul and AJ Styles made any other outcome impossible.

And when the segment finally came along, oh, you best believe it was something.

Taking the ring for the second time on the show, Paul gushed poetically over his brother – earning him boos – and The Miz’s balls – which drew huge cheers – before Mizanin went to the ring to size it up .

The only problem? It wasn’t the Mizanin that Paul had hoped for.

That’s right, ahead of this season’s finale of her TV show, Maryse came down to the ring with a pair balls pompoms on a bunch of keys and gave a raggedy speech about her family, her husband, and the average size of a male testicle. It was beyond bizarre, the crowd was beyond confused, and the arrival of male Miz, Mike Mizanin, did generate massive pop, if only to end his wife’s anatomical discussions.

Unfortunately, Miz’s promo wasn’t much better and the entire segment kept working until the duo finally started exchanging punches before their match was eventually promoted and fans prepared to see Roman Reigns in a Madison Square Gardens ring alongside his See Usos for the first time since March 2022. With all that needed to be said and everything that needed to be done, the stage was officially set for Paul’s first solo match in WWE or anywhere—that’s all that remains still have the match to do and hope it will be as good as his first time in the ring with The Miz.

Like The Miz, Logan Paul isn’t for everyone; He’s a polarizing presence who has as many fans as detractors, and as such anything he does will draw mixed reactions across the spectrum. By bringing them together, WWE hopes the duo will be a match and make their way into the stratosphere instead of mixing like oil and water, while drawing a mountain of criticism from fans and critics alike, wanting nothing more , when watching the match fall apart and have a laugh with their friends.


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