The Morning Show star says her dyslexia made her believe she wasn’t smart


Jennifer Aniston previously announced that she was diagnosed with dyslexia in her 20s.

However, it took Jennifer Aniston years to understand that being diagnosed with learning disabilities didn’t mean she wasn’t smart.

Jennifer Aniston shares how she found out she had dyslexia

When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, The morning show The actress revealed that she doesn’t read much because of her dyslexia. The diagnosis influenced her education and self-image for years.

“The only reason I knew [that I had it] was because I wanted to get a prescription for glasses. I had to wear these Buddy Holly glasses. One had a blue lens and one had a red lens. And I had to read a paragraph and they gave me a quiz, gave me 10 questions based on what I had just read, and I think I got three right. Then they put a computer on my eyes and showed where my eyes went when I read. My eyes jumped four words and went back two words, and I also had a bit of a lazy eye, like a crossed eye that you always have to correct in photos, ”Aniston said.

Before being diagnosed with dyslexia, Aniston always thought she wasn’t smart because she wasn’t performing well in school.

And after learning of her learning disability, the actress said that all of her growing up traumas, tragedies, and dramas were finally explained.

Jennifer Aniston was bullied at school

During an interview with persons, Aniston also said that her high school life was tragic.

“You know, you experiment. It was the 80s and I looked like a goth nightmare. I didn’t want the most beautiful. It was – how can I be most rebelliously unattractive? ”She said.

And during a recent interview, the friends star revealed that she was previously bullied by her classmates.

“I was one of those kids who was bullied in some way and I don’t know why. I was one of those kids that others would make fun of. It was a strange time in fifth, sixth, seventh grades. I was a little chubby so I was just that kid, ”Aniston said.

Aniston also admitted that her childhood was such a vulnerable time because she believed all of the criticism other people throw at her. Fortunately, there weren’t any social media platforms at the time, so Aniston didn’t have to deal with that added pressure.

The life of the actress at the moment

But for all her difficulties growing up, Aniston was great. She is one of the most famous actresses of her generation.

Aniston played the role of Rachel Green in friends for years. And she also starred in a number of films afterwards.

Some of Aniston’s greatest films are We are the millers, The bounty hunters, The desk, Terrible bosses, and more.

The actress is currently starring in the hit series on Apple TV. The morning show Season 2. On the show, Aniston plays the role of Alex Levy, one of the UBA’s best new presenters, who is struggling with her private and professional life.

New episodes of The morning show Season 2 is released weekly on Apple TV.

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