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The Muppets have delighted generations of fans for almost 70 years. The figure ensemble, featured by creator Jim Henson in the 1955 television series Sam and Friends, continues to grow to this day. After the series from 1955, which aired through 1961, the Muppets appeared kid aimed at children Sesame Street (1969 to today) and later as part of the Saturday Night Live is the land of Gorch Sketch and finally The Muppet Show, which ran for five seasons from 1976 to 1981.

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How The Muppet Show came to an end, Jim Henson and his Muppets turned their gaze to the big screen and television with original films and adaptations of classical literature. Since then, the Muppets have starred in television specials celebrating the Christmas holidays to promote feature films and beyond.

10 The Wizard of Oz the Muppets left fans and critics at odds as to whether it was a hit or not

Muppets - wizards of OZ

The Muppets are no strangers to taking classic stories and giving them their unique twist, and Muppets: Wizard of Oz is no different. However, unlike previous adaptations, this muppetized production / contemporary adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel was made for television shortly after Disney bought the franchise. The muppets, who fill various roles from the story, were accompanied by live actors such as singer Ashanti as Dorthy, Queen Latifah as Aunt Em, and Jeffrey Tambor as The Wizard of Oz.

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The special received mixed reviews, e.g. B. not on the same level as other Muppet films, but close to those who claimed the film was not kid-friendly. The more negative reviews cited the excessive referential humor, sexual content and violence, and “pointless” cameos.

9 John Denver and the Muppets: Rocky Mountain Holiday brings the Muppets and folk artist together for an adventure in the mountains

Muppets - John Denver Rocky Holiday

Folk singer John Denver reunited with the Muppets in 1983 after the 1979 Christmas Special. The special found John and his Muppet buddies on a summer camping trip to the Rocky Mountains. The show consists of the crew packing, hiking, singing, and enjoying themselves in nature as they head to their campsite. Throughout the special, they keep reminding themselves of previous camping trips and the mishaps that accompanied them.

Remarkably and not surprisingly, Miss Piggy is missing on the trip, who appears in flashbacks of other trips, such as the time of her arrival in the mountains with orchestra and entourage, which leads to a humorous rendering of “She will come around the mountain.” A soundtrack was also released and received a Grammy nomination for “Best Recording For Children.”

8th The Muppets Go to the Movies celebrated classic Hollywood movies as they promote the upcoming feature film

Promote The great muppet caper, the second feature film, ABC broadcast the special, The Muppets go to the movies, on May 20, 1981. The hour-long special included stars Lily Tomlin and Dudley Moore who joined the Muppets to make classic films such as Blown by the wind in the Goon with the windwhere Miss Piggy plays Scarlett O’Hare and Moore plays Rhett Butler; Tarzan and Jane with Tomlin Jane plays alongside Gonzos Tarzan; and Kermit and Miss Piggy play the farewell scene. to Casablanca.

The special stands out from the TV show and other productions as it shows the entrance to the Muppet Theater for the first time. Occurs at the end of the show when Kermit locks up, and the last shot shows the exit door at the back entrance of the theater.

7th John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together was the first collaboration between folk singer John Denver and the Muppets

Muppets - John Denver Christmas Together

On December 5, 1979, John Denver joined the Muppets for the hour-long A Christmas party together, based on the album released in October. The special, which aired on ABC, began with an appearance by Denver and the Muppets The twelve days of Christmas before the show started with various skits and musical numbers.

Other highlights of the special include Kermitand Denver remembering the holidays and spending Christmas away from their friends and families who visit The Christmas wish, Rowlf the Dog and Denver sing Have a happy little Christmas, and the last number in the Denver after the story behind the Christmas carol silent Night, joins the muppets to sing the song in German while the audience joins in with the English version.

6th A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa is a high profile special with a great message for the season

Muppets - letters to Santa Claus

A Muppets Christmas: letters to Santa Claus was the one-hour Christmas special in 2008 in which the Muppets, trying to solve the problems that arose, mistakenly got three letters sent to Santa Claus. The three letters are from three children who live in the same house as the Muppets and want to go on vacation during the holidays.

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As the Muppets try to fix things, they encounter celebrities such as Uma Thurman as an airline agent, airport security officer Frank Meany Nathan Lane and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. While trying to fix the problem they were causing, the muppets remember the true spirit of the holidays and successfully deliver the letters to Santa Claus before Christmas instead of going on the scheduled vacation.

5 It’s a very happy Muppet Christmas film, a tribute to a beloved Christmas classic

Muppets - Very Muppet Christmas movie

The Muppets’ first full-length TV film special, a homage to the classic Christmas film, It is a wonderful life, entitled It’s a very happy Muppet Christmas movie, aired in 2002. Following the death of the president of Bitterman Bank and Development, the bank that owns the Muppet Theater, Miss Bitterman, played by Joan Cusack, inherits the bank with plans to demolish the theater and turn it into a nightclub unless you make the final payment before their annual Christmas show.

Fozzie loses the money to make the payment, and the gang turns to Kermit for an answer. Unable to answer, Kermit wishes he had never been born. An angel named Daniel (David Arquette) is sent by The Boss (Whoopi Goldberg) to show Kermit how important he is to his friends.

4th The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years is a great retrospective of Jim Henson’s creativity

Muppets - We are celebrating 30 years

In 1986 the Muppets celebrated their 30th anniversary with a one-hour special on CBS with a celebratory banquet hosted by Fozzie Bear and guest of honor Kermit the Frog. The special was a retrospective of their television and film appearances as well as an overview of the history of the Muppets and musical highlights from the 1950s onwards. The Muppets were accompanied by their brothers on Seasme Street and the Fraggle Rock gang throughout the show.

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The retrospective also includes sequences of still images of various other appearances of the Muppets in various media such as books, music albums, and magazine covers. Jim Henson appears at the end of the banquet when Grover hands him the bill for his meal.

3 Emmet Otter’s youth band Christmas was a groundbreaking special full of nostalgic characters and moments

Muppets - Emmet Otter

Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas, the hour-long Christmas special, narrated by Kermit The Frog, first broadcast on December 4, 1977 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The story follows the book written by Russell Hoban and follows Emmet Otter and his mother who live in the village of Frogtown Empty and struggling to make ends meet as Christmas approaches as they unwittingly both take a risk in the hope that that To give others a special gift by winning the local talent contest.

The special is not only characterized by the original songs written by Paul Williams, but also by the innovative use of various special Black Theater puppetry techniques such as first use funk puppet effects, marionettes and the usual muppet hand puppets.

2 A Muppet family Christmas is a reunion for the Muppets, Sesame Street characters, and the people of Fraggle Rock

Muppets - Christmas party together

The Christmas special 1987 A Christmas party for the Muppet family, finds the Muppet crew and Sesame Street regulars who spoil Doc and his dog Sprocket (from Fraggle Rock) for a quiet Christmas party at the Fozzie Bear mother’s farmhouse. The special also included “live” versions of the Muppet Babies characters in 8mm footage and a visit to the Fraggles. The special celebrates everything Muppet-related, but the original has been edited multiple times as full rights to the songs featured in the special were secured for television broadcast only and any subsequent versions that were released from the Year 1989 date edit.

1 After his sudden death, the Muppets tribute to Jim Henson was “as the boss wanted it to be”

Muppets - Celebrate Jim Henson

Jim Henson died of pneumonia on May 16, 1990 at the age of 53. Five months later, CBS aired the hour-long tribute, The Muppets celebrate Jim Hensonwhen the muppets and celebrities paid tribute to the man who brought the muppets to life. The special begins when Fozzie Bear receives a postcard from Kermit the Frog asking him to prepare a tribute to Henson, but Fozzie and the others don’t know who Henson is and feel ill-equipped to come up with a fitting tribute put together.

They later learn that Henson died after fan letters were found expressing condolences. These letters help the Muppets understand the importance of Henson.

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