The New Dominique Jackson, David Arquette Movie Raises Production Funding Through NFTs


Dominique Jackson, David Arquette, Louisa Krause, and Gaite Jansen

What excites me about our work is that with NFTs we are pioneering a new and different form of film financing.”

—Louis Melville

LONDON, UK, March 10, 2022 / — In the ever-expanding universe of NFTs, news reaches us that the new feature film IN EVERY DREAM HOME, directed by Dominique Jackson / David Arquette and also starring Gaite Jansen and Louisa Krause Play along is planned to offer fans the opportunity to purchase one-off NFTs related to their upcoming production, which is set to film in Manhattan and Montauk in Q4 2022. Along with each NFT, buyers receive a share of the profits from the film.

Until now, NFTs that fund films have carried the profit share within the NFT and on the same blockchain, so when the NFT is traded, the film’s profit share goes to the NFT.

Whereas with IN EVERY DREAM HOME THE MOVIE NFTs, the NFT artwork resides on a blockchain. The right to a profit share in the film is registered on the FilmChain digital collection agency platform outside of the blockchain infrastructure, allowing the original purchaser of the NFT to sell the NFT while retaining a profit share of the film in perpetuity on the FilmChain film collection agency digital platform . Each original NFT buyer is assigned their own individual dashboard wallet on FilmChain, where they can see the film’s profits in real-time as they come in, and the owner of this wallet can withdraw the available funds at any time thereafter, in fiat currencies. FilmChain does not currently allow cryptocurrency trading, but stores all financial information in their cloud-based software and on a private Ethereum.

IN EVERY DREAM HOME is produced by Louis Melville Last Bullet Films, Rose Ganguzza and Jake Alden-Falconer of Rose Pictures and Charlotte Wontner of Hopscotch Films. Worldwide film sales are controlled by The Yellow Affair. The film is being produced by Dominique Jackson, David Arquette and Christina McLarty-Arquette, and will be written/directed by Louis Melville. Advisors on the NFT and Crypto side were Christine Hartland from SMASH and Peter Salvage from Gold X.

The first drop of 1of1 NFTs will be available via the OpenSea NFT Marketplace in the coming days. More drops will follow in the coming months, with only 1,000 1of1 NFTs being made available in total, which will add to their rarity.

The film is already 50% funded, with the sale of the NFTs expected to provide the remaining 50% funding.

Louis Melville says, “What excites me about what we do is that we’re pioneering a new and different form of film financing through NFTs.”

IN EVERY DREAM HOME is the story of an aging trans star from Andy Warhol’s Factory (think Holly from Lou Reed’s song WALK ON THE WILD SIDE at 60) who now lives in a small coastal town in upstate New York, ready for the winter closed is; Her life is turned upside down when a young girl comes to live with her. A story about gender fluidity, lost Andy Warhol polaroids, lies, love and death. Will any of them survive the winter? That is the question.

The original musical score for the film will be created by world-renowned musician Saint Savior, whose song “I Remember” features in the latest season of Killing Eve.

Louis: “Actually, a lot of people talk about financing films through NFT, but not many do. Last Bullet Films believes we have developed a model that really works and offers real value to fans and is 100% transparent”.

Adding each of the original NFT owners’ share of the movie profits outside of the blockchain is something new and innovative and has never been done before.

Louis: “For us at Last Bullet Films, it’s not just about delivering great individual, eye-catching NFTs, but also about delivering new interesting and entertaining films with great stories and great actors of all genders, races and sexual orientations.”

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