The original Scream cast felt like family on set, says Matthew Lillard


Scream star Mathew Lillard says the original cast of the classic 1996 horror film felt like family when they were on set together.

Scream Star Mathew Lillard says the cast of the original film felt like family when they were on set together. the Scream franchise has been a horror staple since the release of Wes Craven’s first film in 1996. A lot of fans say so Scream revitalized the entire slasher genre, and the hugely successful first entry spawned four Scream Sequels, all deftly deconstructing the traditional narrative of slasher/horror films with meta-comments.

The fans’ interest in Scream was revived this year as the fifth entry in the series, also named Scream, came out in theaters. It is the first film to be released in Scream Series in over ten years after scream 4 debuted in 2011. It’s also a movie many fans thought they’d never see, like legendary horror filmmaker Wes Craven (who directed the first four Scream installments) sadly passed away in 2015. The release of the new Scream, besides the fact that the original Scream recently turning 25 has led many longtime fans to revisit the original films to look back at what exactly made the first film so special.


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In a recent interview with Vulture, Lillard and original Scream Co-star Skeet Ulrich looks back on filming the classic film. Lillard himself reflected on how the cast felt like family on set and went on to explain that it did “very few cases” in his 30-year career who have had similar experiences. Lillard mentioned that this might have something to do with technology, claiming that it’s normal to see now “People are queuing on phones” when a recording is finished. Back then, Lillard explained, the cast only had each other. Lillard went on to describe how that Scream The cast left work at six in the morning and then headed to David Arquette’s room for a beer before he walked in. See his full quote below:

“You know, I will say that in my career now, 30 years later, there are very few instances that have replicated what we had in that film. It was before technology, before phones, before Instagram and those social media platforms. In Between Takes you see people queuing on phones now, but back then it was just each other. We were inseparable because of the hours we worked and the way we worked. You finish work at six o’clock. o’clock in the morning and you want your traditional after-work beer and go to David Arquette’s room for a drink. Not only that, the handles are there, the crew is there, Wes is there. The whole cast is there, and the idea of ​​being night owls on location adds to that really family feel. I think there was an innocence about it because we were all young. We all had a lot to gain.

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Interestingly, Lillard also mentioned that he felt “No one was out to make a cult film” when filming the original Scream. Rather, the cast and production team were just trying to make the best possible movie without understanding how it would start a long-running franchise. Lillard claims even though the cast knew they were making a horror film “at a time when Wes Craven hadn’t made a good horror movie for a long time” no one was ever jaded. Everyone was “everything in it” which added to the strong camaraderie that already existed on set.

During the occupation of Scream Perhaps unable to guess the implications of what they were involved with at the time, it’s certainly hard to miss today. the Scream franchise brought many fans together in much the same way that the first film united its original cast: through a love of both funny and scary movies. This is evident from how many fans flocked to see the latest Scream, which bodes well for how audiences will embrace potential scream 6. All in all, it’s heartwarming to hear that the original Scream The cast had as much fun making the film as years of future viewers enjoyed watching it.

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Source: Vulture

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