The Quarry Cast: Where you know Kaitlyn Ka from


Though The Quarry has a talented voice on all fronts, Kaitlyn Ka’s distinctive voice was perhaps more recognizable than any other character.

The latest adventure in interactive horror from Supermassive Games The Quarrywas released in June 2022 as a kind of spiritual successor to Until dawn. Consequently, the game plays quite similarly, mixing survival mechanics with fast-paced events and a dramatic storyline that develops based on player input. The Quarryin another train that calculates back to Until dawn, also features an ensemble cast of characters for players to interact with and take control of. Among the voice actors are several voice actors that some may know from their previous work. One of the most famous among them, however, is probably Kaitlyn Ka.


The Quarry has 186 different endings and a playing time of 10 hours, which means that dedicated fans will likely spend quite a bit of time with the extensive cast trying to get the best ending possible. Those who have invested even more may be trying to get all possible outcomes, albeit the most The QuarryThe decisions of have been criticized as meaningless when confronted with the game’s scripted events. However, enthusiasts of the horror genre will likely find it worth venturing through the game at least a few times. The Quarry includes a variety of references and easter eggs in homage to the genre, and some of the voice actors even appear in the thrillers and other horror films The Quarry gets inspired.

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One of those familiar voices is David Arquette, who, like the rest of The Quarry‘s cast also provided the physical inspiration for his character, Chris Hackett. Arquette is probably instantly recognizable to fans of the Scream franchise in which he plays the recurring character Sheriff Dewey Riley. Other recognizable members of the quarry cast included modern family‘s Ariel Winter as Abigail Blyg and Justice Smith, recently starred in Detective Pikachu and the Jurassic world Films, as Ryan narrator. Kaitlyn Ka’s voice, which is likely to be recognizable to many players as well, might be a bit more difficult to find The Quarry‘s star cast, however.

Who speaks to Kaitlyn Ka in the quarry?

Kaitlyn is voiced by Brenda Song, perhaps best known among younger fans of The Quarry from her roles in various Disney Channel series and films. Song acted as fan-favorite character London Tipton in the comedy franchise The suite life and played along Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. More recently, her voice can be heard as the protagonist in Disney’s television series amphibians, Anne Boonchuy. Over the years she has been nominated for various awards such as Young Artist Award and Young Hollywood Award. The Quarry is her most recent acting role, although she also stars in Disney’s 2022 reboot The proud family.

Various other members of The Quarry‘s large and famous cast has an equally wide filmography, from Lance Henriksen who appeared in the extraterrestrial Movie Franchise & mass effectto Lin Shaye, who starred as the protagonist insidious Franchise. With so many talented actors, many of whom come from strong horror backgrounds, it’s no wonder The QuarryThe characters of have been heralded by many as his strongest element. Brenda Song as Kaitlyn is just one example of an actor bringing a sense of familiarity to a role, something that might have been helpful in retaining The Quarry‘s throw because they feel too oversized.

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