The Quarry Game Director explains how the Death Rewind system works


Supermassive Games’ upcoming 80’s movie-inspired horror title The Quarry asked the game’s director to explain the new Death Rewind mechanics.

Game Director Will Byles spoke to him segmentnext last week (April 28) about the new mechanics that weren’t in it Until dawn or The Anthology of Dark Picturesthe studio’s previous titles.

“Death Rewind is a repeat mechanic that unlocks after you progress through the story or when you purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game,” Byles explained.

“Essentially, you are granted three ‘lives’, allowing you to avoid the death of a character at the cost of using one of the lives. You will be taken back to the moment you made an important decision that resulted in the character’s death so you can make a different choice.”

According to Byles, the game will take around ten hours to fully play through, although the multiple endings and possible deaths of one of the nine characters encourage replayability. “If you want to experience every permutation of history, for The QuarryYou will play for a very long time!” they added.

Byles adds that the story of The Quarrystarted out “essentially as a screenplay”, with interesting plot points, then decisions were made that “you could make if you were in control”.

“We had to make sure that the story of The Quarry doesn’t break down when just one character dies,” Byles added. The cast of the upcoming game includes David Arquette as Camp Councilor Chris and Ariel Winter – from the TV show modern family – will play Abi.

The Quarry is scheduled for release on June 10th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

In other news, Embracer Group is set to acquire many of Square Enix’s western developers and franchises for around £240m.


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