The Scream franchise timeline explained


In Scream 3, resident horror expert Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) introduces the audience to “an unexpected backstory” via a pre-recorded VHS tape. The backstory in question revolves around Maureen Prescott, Sidney’s late mother, and a two-year period in the late ’70s when she left Woodsboro to pursue a professional acting career in Hollywood. The new killer leaves photos of Maureen at various crime scenes to annoy the police but also to lure Sidney out of hiding. A questionable image shows Maureen taking headshots in a studio lot.

Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and her look-alike Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey), who plays Gale in “Stab 3,” are on the trail, following the breadcrumbs to the Sunrise Studios archives. After bribing the archives receptionist (Carrie Fisher), they gain access to a file on Maureen under her stage name, Rina Reynolds. Maureen has only starred in three feature films, including Space Psycho and Creature from the San Andreas Fault, all of which were directed by famed studio head John Milton (Lance Henriksen). When confronted, John reveals that Maureen was sexually assaulted (allegedly by him at one of his wild parties) and left the business, claiming that “nothing happened to her that she didn’t invite”. Maureen returned to Woodsboro, met Neil (Lawrence Hecht), and had Sidney sometime in 1981. 16 years later, the past returns and haunts her in a deadly manner.

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